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Develop processes and metrics and KPIs to improve effectiveness and efficiency of partner engagements. Lead by example through direct channel and alliance partner engagement while growing the team.

The main function of a Solution Architect is to deliver architectural artifacts to support the initiative as well as to provide guidance and support to product teams to ensure alignment to architectural requirements. As the job title implies, a solutions architect primarily focuses on solution-level decisions and evaluation of their impact on a client’s overarching business objectives and their outcomes.

Solution Architects, primarily, have the invaluable ability to take a set of requirements and turn them into a full-fledged architecture and design that is the blueprint of a successful solution. Basically, Solution Architecture is the process of designing solutions that meet a company’s set of needs. Normally, the solution architecture is overseen and directed by a Solution Architect. Ability to author, present, and articulate problem sets and associated solution elements in settings supporting customers, business development, program delivery, technical teams, and executives.

The solution architecture function here is to find which of them will be the most suitable for a particular project. Solution architecture describes how different components of business, information, and technology architectures are used in a particular solution. As solution architecture is more focused on details and solution technologies to address a specific business problem, it provides a channel between enterprise architecture and technical architecture. An effective approach for companies is combining enterprise architecture activities with solution and technical architecture activities. At IBM, Technical Solution Architects work to understand needs and then create complex high-quality solutions that make meaningful impact. You’ll be responsible for overall leadership and delivery of the solutions from requirement gathering through implementation.

Technical Background And Experience

Companies benefit from employing a Solution Architect as projects become more complex and challenging. This is because Solution Architects, as we previously mentioned, carry a toolbelt of skills and expertise that help identify processes, risks, technologies, and business outcomes involved in delivering a top-notch solution. The Enterprise Solution Architect is the individual that oversees an entire enterprise in terms of business entities, properties, external ecosystems, relationships, and more. Enterprise Architects focus on building robust solutions that solve a critical strategic issue. Usually, Enterprise Architects supervise and take a back seat role by delegating specific tasks to specialists in particular areas.

senior solutions architect

Independently design and undertake new research as well as partner in a team environment across organizations internally. Minimum nine years of professional job related experience with an Associate degree or seven years with a Bachelor’s degree or a minimum of five years with a Master’s degree.

Job Trends

In this article, we will review Google Cloud services which could help you build great Big Data applications. This person is responsible for figuring out the best possible way of bringing together business needs and technological solutions. Defining which solutions are beneficial and which are inefficient for a particular business need. Understanding how different parts of the business operation are connected with each other and how business processes achieve their goals. For additional information about location requirements, please discuss with the recruiter following submission of your application.

  • When you sign up to Field Engineer, you automatically expand your reach and earning potential.
  • Ability to author, present, and articulate problem sets and associated solution elements in settings supporting customers, business development, program delivery, technical teams, and executives.
  • Master’s degree in Information Systems, Cyber Security, or other STEM disciplines with 15+ years of experience related to IT and/or systems engineering.
  • Both of them target architects that work with AWS technologies to build and deploy applications and systems.
  • The key is a new operating model—one that’s anchored around the customer and propelled by intelligence to deliver exceptional experiences across the enterprise at speed and at scale.

If you want to start working in technical solution architect freelance jobs, then you need to have experience designing technical solutions for companies. Firms hiring you may ask you what experience you have already, or whether you’ve worked anywhere in the past where you successfully implemented technical solutions. Software architecture and systems integrated into it are numerous details that work together. A solutions architect needs to be very attentive to those details, as overlooking something may hinder the development process, lead to breakdowns, or make the software solution inefficient. Learn about the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills that should be in a software architect job description. Traditionally, small and mid-size businesses consider neither the practice of solution architecture nor the respective role justified.

Solution Architect Requirements & Skills 3

Define solution requirements, key features of the solution, and phases of implementation. The solution description may also include other relevant aspects, such as budget, alternative options, etc. Solution architecture is one of the foundational elements of any project or organization. Data architecture, Database, Process and CDI architecture & design experience a must. A Solution Architect needs to be consultative, client-facing and should be capable of responding to RFPs and should effectively contribute to the pre-sales and sales process to grow our business.

senior solutions architect

As a Solution Architect you will provide solution design support in odomains of architecture. Leadership abilities necessary to lead projects that include strong communication skills needed to present research plans, progress, and results to customers and internal decision-makers alike. Assist capture strategy development through technical leadership, including the creation and marketing of discriminating value propositions.

This person needs to ensure that the new solution fits into the existing enterprise architecture from the technical, business, user, and other perspectives. The difference between a Solution Architect and an Enterprise Architect is their areas of job focus. For example, Solution Architects focus on refining existing software or implementing new technologies to combat a variety of business problems. These could include limited communication channels, data loss or inaccessibility and information security.

Deep Analytical Skills

Solution architects become involved with a project at the time the computer systems analyst is developing requirements. They organize the development effort, and are often expected to provide motivation and guidance to the entire development team during the systems development life cycle. They are ultimately responsible for the vision that underlies the solution and the execution of that vision into the solution. Once solution architects are given a problem, they are not only in charge of finding the answers, but of actively leading the technical vision to success.

Enable the partners to provide technical evaluations via POC/POV ownership, RFP/audit support, and workshop design. Educate channel partners of all sizes on the value proposition of GitLab, and participate in all levels of discussions throughout the organization to ensure our solution is set up for successful deployment. Primarily engaged in a technical consultancy role for channel partners, providing technical assistance and guidance specific to the selling and service delivery readiness of Gitlab Channel partners. Sustain assistance requests by GitLab team members as a pre-sales and technical solutions authority for the top 10% of our iACV opportunities. Collaborate with the product team while representing customer requirements and feedback. Solution Architects are individuals who, without the shadow of a doubt, are up to the task of dealing with complex environments while delivering value.

The company’s Global Markets organization is a strategic sales business unit that manages IBM’s global footprint, working closely with dedicated country-based operating units to serve clients locally. These country teams have client relationship managers who lead integrated teams of consultants, solution specialists and delivery professionals to enable clients’ growth and innovation. By complementing local expertise with global experience and digital capabilities, IBM builds deep and broad-based client relationships. This local management focus fosters speed in supporting clients, addressing new markets and making investments in emerging opportunities. Additionally, the Global Markets organization serves clients with expertise in their industry as well as through the products and services that IBM and partners supply.

Strong technical breadth and depth in support of the government markets and in particular in government network design, implementation, operations, and modernization. Additionally, he should have a supporting role in the project management domain, ensuring that planning, resources, commitments and risk recognition stay in line with the solution under defined procedures. Solution architects position appeared in сompanies that create software on an industrial scale.

Solution Architect Requirements & Skills 8

Partner with Sales Operations to ensure efficient and ongoing enablement and development of the team. Identify and lead initiatives and programs to scale the organization and its operations for future growth.

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