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Also insist that the software developed be supplied with a good user manual so that users can easily understand it. If you are interested in working with the upgrades of the software, it would be immensely useful. There are common steps in the process, which may vary according to the size of the project.

If you have adopted the right outsourcing strategy, your outsourcing efforts are bound to succeed. But if you have had a wrong start, your outsourcing efforts would not last long. There are several strategies that businesses adopt depending on their requirements and their work. With goals in place, you can move ahead with your software development outsourcing plan.

Sound technical education in the Eastern European countries, particularly in the post-Soviet states, enables local developers to deliver highly advanced technology. According to the QS World University Rankings, 30 universities out of the 369 top educational institutions in Europe are located in Eastern Europe. Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries are among the top performers in key rankings such as PISA Mathematics and the International Mathematical Olympiad.

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This whitepaper will illustrate why T&L needs to be digitized, the behind-the-scenes challenges, and how software can impact the efficiency of T&L processes. At the time we needed the most help, Innovecs was able to provide us with experienced resources in a very short time. Another state initiative, the eGovernment, proves that the country strives for practical use of technologies, ensuring transparency of the public sector. The Romanian government fosters the development of the IT infrastructure. So far, 70% of the market is under the control of foreign investors, allowing local companies to earn €50 million annually. The average year-on-year growth of the Romanian IT sector has been 15% since 2000.

However, if the definition of the user requirement or the vendors understanding of the scope of the project is not clear, then there is always room for delay in the implementation of the project. It is important to remember that the software development process is entirely a human effort involving many people no matter where it is done.

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These steps will help you mitigate the risks and build a beneficial business relationship, for both you and the software development company you partner with. Working with nearshore software development company Sonatafy, you get the best of both worlds, with the well-educated talent available through a local US-based staffing firm. Check our case studies and learn how it works, then reach out to us to fill out your team with pros. A business hires an outsourcing company to use the data they provide to perform data analytics.

This collaboration type is well-suited for long-term projects with vague requirements and large in-house projects when the client’s staff lacks specific expertise. The outsourcing software development process involves more than simply paying a third-party vendor to code something for you. In fact, the development begins with the selection of an outsourcing model. Nearshoring takes your outsourcing needs and shifts them to a nearby geographic area. For instance, companies in the US would outsource to providers in Latin America. Local presence Financial and legal aspects of work matter especially in the early stages of the outsourcing relationships. This will be greatly aided if the software development company has a local presence, registration, or an office in your country.

  • Sign a service level agreement with a vendor that outlines expected timelines, deliverables, quality requirements, and responsibilities for project-related risks.
  • We operate on the custom software development market for less than ten years.
  • This could be a short-term gap or a long-term one, a project requirement, or a technology gap to fill in for a client project.
  • Your outsourced team can have dedicated resources for testing and quality assurance to ensure that the final software product is stable for a better user experience.

A software developer is usually a programmer, software engineer, or software engineer. It is important to note that these roles interact and overlap and that the dynamics between them vary significantly across development departments. In Amazon inventory management outsourced, high-demand products are held. If a customer requests a product not available in Amazon’s inventory, the distributor will order it and ship it to the customer. Like many other companies, Google outsources and uses workers based in Southeast Asia who handle simple computing tasks and label mapping data. Make yourself a list of the questions you will ask the software company, along with the information you need to get from their answers. No matter how slick or clever their answers are, if they don’t provide the answers you need, then what’s the point of communicating?

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Sign an NDA with a vendor to guarantee the confidentiality of your business-sensitive information and intellectual property rights over the project deliverables. Decide what resources you’re ready to dedicate to collaboration with a vendor, and establish clear communication flows regarding different aspects of the project. Ask your outsourcing partner to prepare documentation for your project. Acceptance testing is a test conducted to determine whether contract requirements are met. This section states which party is responsible for the testing, how long it takes, and how the results are communicated. A critical component is to make sure that the necessary development tools, platforms, and communication channels are all available and accessible.

Webtown has 10+ years of commercial experience in the development of online solutions based on the Liferay Digital Experience Platform . The company puts customer expectations at the forefront of their services aiming to facilitate their business development.

Vendors should offer to fix problems caused by vendor free of charge for a certain period of time. Minor feature enhancements, as agreed upon by client and vendor are incorporated. Update project plan to reflect the information in the design specification and acceptance plan. Pricing is usually on either a fixed-price or time-and-materials basis. Payments on fixed price contracts are expected at project commencement. Compatibility issues arise when software that is under development becomes part of an existing software or hardware system. It is best to address these issues at the commencement of a project thus taking steps to avoid further complications during implementation.

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Market Disruptions are a threat and an opportunity for businesses, only if they know how to have an upper hand in technology. Partnering with the right outsourcing company will help your business gain a competitive advantage over peers that promise innovation and sustainability. With specialists taking over the overall projects and services, there is no question of the familiarity or knowledge of technology.

We combine our experience, technological expertise, and personal dedication with transparent and efficient processes to ensure an impeccable customer experience with our outsourcing software development servcies. By investing in the employee experience, Intellias creates a people-first organization that helps us retain high levels of motivation among our specialists. This results in saving product knowledge throughout long-term projects. Get to know Intellias, what we stand for, and what drives us to engineering excellence as recognized by our clients, who trust us with the technological parts of their businesses.

AdWords, Google’s most profitable product, is now handled by an outsourcing department. Communication and quality issues may also arise when using outsourcing.

To put this into perspective, a similar experience in Poland would cost you $60–$90 per day. This means you can visit your offshore development team as often as you wish while investing minimal efforts and costs.

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