5 Key Strategies for an Effective Affiliate Onboarding

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This critical team will work with your distributorship on virtually any need — from answering specific questions about our processes to training you on our various technology platforms. That’s also why this team is available to you long after the onboarding process. Getting started isn’t as hard as you might think, either — because we support your success, we provide everything you need right from the start. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways that affiliate onboarding at iPROMOTEu ensures your success. Affiliate Onboarding is the process of introducing new affiliates to your affiliate program and lining them up to begin advertising your goods and services.

affiliate onboarding

Your new affiliates are likely to have plenty of questions regarding their responsibilities, company rules, and the affiliate tools they will be using. To help them get started and avoid having to repeatedly explain the same things, a good idea would be to prepare a guide for affiliates with all the information they might need during onboarding. While some may have the experience behind them to jump straight into it, others may need a little more help. A personalized affiliate onboarding program recognizes the individual needs of affiliates and encourages them to thrive through continued support. Another great way to get started with this is to create a personalized landing page for each affiliate using our affiliate landing pages pro-add-on.

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To get the most out of your check-ins, decide on a schedule and let your new affiliates know when they’ll hear from you and what to expect. This gives them an opportunity to prepare questions and helps make these conversations more productive. If you’ve been running your affiliate program for a while, you may have noticed that you receive certain questions over and over again.

affiliate onboarding

There is plenty of documentation for getting started with API integrations for Process Street. Affiliate Onboarding is critical for effective affiliate advertising even if it is sometimes underestimated. Additionally, this is a perfect opportunity to let affiliates choose whether or not they want to meet you individually. After the process is over, we will send the login details to your mailbox. Email is a reliable communication method that’s useful for non-urgent questions, so make sure to drop the email addresses of your key contacts.

Send Surveys to Understand your Affiliate Program’s functioning

By eliminating redundant efforts and streamlining the process, some of the early-adopter purchasing organizations that have used TYS have reported cost savings of nearly $500 per supplier. For an enterprise with tens of thousands of suppliers, this can result in savings of eight figures in the overall management of their supplier base. UpPromote Dashboard shows you details of your affiliates’ sales, orders, clicks, etc so you can easily track their performance. It’s also worth considering holding frequent team meetings and organizing face-to-face visits through video calls to handle any requests or difficulties your affiliates may have and provide performance feedback.

affiliate onboarding

While Haier could have just developed the solution to meet the needs of working with its own suppliers, it chose to take a platform approach and open the solution. These contents above may be used on your affiliate registration website and in affiliate communications such as a welcome email or getting started guide. Regardless of where you publish it, these facts must be sent to affiliates as soon as possible. The way you onboard affiliates will impact their capacity to greatest push your business and recommend commercial clients.

Periodic updates: keeping content fresh

In the long term, being straightforward and fair will benefit all parties. Promoting your new affiliates highlights the benefits of being an affiliate in order to attract more interest. Right now, your priority for onboarding the new affiliate is to make sure they have everything they need to perform their responsibilities to the best of their ability. Make sure you tell the new affiliate what they need to do to identify as one of your affiliates. Then, ensure you have sent off and received back a signed copy of this document before proceeding. Biztree has a great template to use for getting started with drafting your contract if you don’t already have a standard document on hand.

  • Using the Members form field below, assign the individual who will approve the partnership terms document.
  • Affiliate onboarding is the initial phase where affiliates learn about your program, products, and how to promote them.
  • Taking time to make sure this is clear early on in the process can prevent unnecessary complications and wasted time further down the line.
  • Announce and promote your new affiliate partnership across your own social media and email channels.
  • It also helps ensure that everyone is on the same page about your program, products, and expectations.

If they haven’t already, this makes it easy (and inviting) for them to respond to you with questions or concerns. You could give them a copy of your product, a free trial, affiliate onboarding a demo, or a branded t-shirt. This enables you to gather feedback on what worked and what didn’t, so you can continue to fine-tune your process in the future.

New Affiliate Onboarding

He is responsible for a team of 20 translators, reviewing content suggestions and setting up processes. In his free time he likes to go to gym, and is also passionate about gaming and cooking. Going through the same scripted onboarding process with them both might not produce the best results. This takes some stress off the new employees’ shoulders and allows them to become more productive as they will know how they fit into the company and what is expected of them. Onboarding is also incredibly important when it comes to the overall success of your affiliate program.

There are tools available for checking the validity of certain metrics, such as TwitterAudit for weeding out bot followers. Now that you’ve gathered the sample content, it’s time to review all of the information you have on them and make a decision as to whether or not they are a good fit. Taking time to make sure this is clear early on in the process can prevent unnecessary complications and wasted time further down the line. As well as this, asking for sample content up-front (ideally this will be a custom-crafted guest post or something similar) is a great way to weed out all of the non-serious applicants. During the welcome phase, you should also introduce them to the rest of your team. Affiliate onboarding is great because it opens a conversation and you can use it to get important insights into improving your program.

Make content accessible: user-friendly platform

On UpPromote Dashboard, there is a section right below where you can chat with your affiliates, communicating with them is much more convenient when you expect to exchange information fast. Give affiliates an email address to which they may submit all affiliate-related queries and inquiries. Using primary language guarantees that all of your partners understand the directions and what is required.

In addition, affiliate onboarding is important for the growth of your affiliate program overall. This is especially true for affiliate retention and will have an influence on affiliate income. You are likely to see results the more affiliates actively advertise your business.

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You’ve started your affiliate program and gathered people who will work as your new affiliates. While researching, learn as much as possible about your affiliate’s business model and use this to personalize the onboarding process. With time, you’ll find different ways to segment your affiliates to give them the best possible affiliate onboarding. What your affiliate onboarding should aim to do is cut the learning curve so your affiliates get that feeling of making sales more quickly.

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