The Order Matching Engine: The Brains Behind Every Crypto Exchange

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It can handle 10,000 orders per second without any issues and has minimum downtime for servicing. This makes it the perfect choice for businesses that require a high volume crypto exchange matching engine of requests to be processed quickly and accurately. In addition, you can choose which capabilities you need by choosing from one of the three distinct bundles offered.

  • Market orders are generally filled immediately, but sometimes there may not be enough buyers or sellers at the current best price and the market order will partially fill or not fill at all.
  • We will never create software limitations or problems for you in order to extract additional profits.
  • Limit orders are the most commonly used orders in the current crypto exchange environment.
  • A matching engine can help you get the best rates for your transactions by connecting you with buyers and sellers on multiple exchanges.

Our solution was designed to disrupt the industry and to provide our clients with a competitive advantage. Many exchanges can’t handle more than one or two million transactions per second. Our exchange easily outperforms them all, by leveraging our two decades of experience and source code frameworks.

Market Orders​

The modifications enable users to execute orders with higher stability and speed. A developer API is provided to facilitate the development of trading bots, custom web & mobile user interfaces and admin applications. A matching engine of a Crypto platform is the course software and hardware components concerning any trading platform and electronic exchange. Therefore, the primary function of the match in the engine is two match-up bids and offers for completing the successful trading activity. Moreover, matching engines used one of the various algorithms concerning trade allocation, with and completing bids and offers of identical value.

crypto exchange matching engine

The result is that the trade occurs at 100 USD because User A’s order was first to the trading engine and User A has price priority. Use Know Your Customer (KYC) verification to process identify checks (name, address, and ID documents), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) to monitor real-time risk scoring through machine learning. We support KYC & AML providers such as Jumio, Trulioo, IdentityMind, Shufti Pro, SynapseFi, Cognito, and 4Stop. This isn’t only the fastest, most powerful exchange solution out there. As financial technology experts, we’ve taken every possible risk and vulnerability into account. We’ve learned from numerous sophisticated attack vectors that we’ve witnessed with other exchanges.

Spot Liquidity

The order matching engineis the heart of any exchange and is responsible for matching buy and sell orders. Matching engine is the dominant part of any exchange which matches buy and sell orders based on the logic of an exchange leads to a completion of a single transaction. It directly impacts the performance of the exchange by meeting perfect latency and throughput.

The FIFO algorithm, which prioritizes orders based on, is used by the majority of businesses. If two orders have the same value but different entrance timings, the engine will choose the one with the earlier entry time. Matching orders is the process that a securities exchange uses to pair one or more buy orders to one or more sell orders to make trades. The task of pairing the orders is computerised via a matching engine which prioritises orders for matching. An order book can be thought of as a set of all outstanding orders on an exchange at any given time. The exchange’s match engine uses it to determine which trades can be made.

Advanced Features

In the order book – apart from creating the support to hold the list of buy/sell orders – we also need to define how orders are added to these arrays. We need an Order type, an OrderBook and a Trade type for starters. For a buy order, this means that if I place a buy order at the price of $100, it will get filled at any price bellow or equal to $100.

If you’ve heard the term, but are still not exactly sure about what a matching engine is or the technology behind them, this article seeks to provide a basic understanding on how they work. Compare the differences between a matching engine for spot vs margin
brokerage platforms. Electronic money institutions dealing in bank deposits, electronic fund transfer, payment processors and cryptocurrency rely on an automated matching engine to facilitate electronic transactions. A multilateral trading facility (MTF) facilitates the exchange of financial instruments between several parties. A matching engine continually scans all orders on a given instrument and determines whether there is a potential match.

Matching/Trading Engine

Under the TWAP algorithm, orders are matched at the average price of all orders over a period of time. The advantage of this algorithm is that it prevents market manipulation by large players. The disadvantage is that calculating the average price can be slow and expensive. The most common algorithm is called the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) algorithm. Under the FIFO algorithm, the first buy order that is matched with a sell order is filled first.

Its primary function is to match up the offers and bids for the completion of trading activity. Matching engines make use of one or more algorithms for allocation of trades among competing offers and bids of the same value. Japan-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange company bitbank, announced today a marked improvement of the performance of its new trading matching engine.

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The first version of B2Trader was launched with over 70 instruments and is today used by many of the world’s best-known exchanges. B2Trader handles the job of matching an incoming market order of the user with the existing limit order of another user in the DOM, executing the trade on the order book and publishing the result. B2Broker’s solution provides ideal performance and functionality, ensuring that all market participants are given the best execution. The process of matching orders is referred to as the cryptocurrency matching engine. As the beating heart of a cryptocurrency exchange, such engines keep all user orders, enabling the firm to run effectively. Holders can improve their profit margin by using a matching engine to purchase and sell assets at the greatest feasible price based on market conditions.

crypto exchange matching engine

All project goals, including desired performance, reliability, and security characteristics, were met successfully. It brings me great joy to witness how seamlessly our DXmatch ‘just works’ for users on the other side of the world, without needing our control, maintenance, and support”. The purpose of trailing stop is to limit the losses and to lock the profits as the trades become favourable. It’s another kind of Stop order which trails the price and never comes back once it is moved.

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Marksman Hub solution which aggregates cryptocurrency exchanges such as B2BX, non-bank liquidity providers and thousands of orders from institutional clients culminating in the industry’s deepest liquidity pool. The advantage of the FIFO algorithm is that it is simple and easy to understand. For example, if a large player wants to buy a lot of tokens, they can place a series of small buy orders. These small buy orders will be matched with sell orders from other users, and the large player will get their tokens at a lower price than they would have if they had placed a single large buy order. On the exchange matching engine, you would place an order for 1 BTC at $10,000.

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