This Obscure Indicator Is A significant Concern For The Market

This Obscure Indicator Is A significant Concern For The Market

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This reminds me of one IEM on the market, which does a similar thing – Vision Ears Elysium. The cable included is actually one of the absolutely best stock cables I’ve ever used, at least in terms of comfort and flexibility.

It complements the rest of the frequency range perfectly, giving you that signature that is both very universal yet engaging. The 6mm dynamic driver is responsible for bass frequencies and does a great job here. The bass can go pretty deep and has a decent amount of punch, but it should be noted that it is not at a bass-head level.


Mids are more mellow, smooth and well-tuned for vocals thanks to the sweeter texture. Treble is inoffensive, laid-back, but of the best quality I heard in the sub $500 price. At a double price, the VxV is more balanced, pushing more bass power and boosting much higher clarity and detail. It is more accurate and brighter on the treble, less forgiving but more extended and much greater sense of air.

This Obscure Indicator Is A significant Concern For The Market

Plus, this cable has a Teflon inner sheathe and enclosed in a modified clear TPU jacket. Please make sure you have a great understanding and technical knowledge on how to use mods and batteries that can handle Sub-Ohm coils. Do not not use short or flat 510 connection on any hybrid or hybrid style device.

What Is The Vxv Use Case?

Thanks to that, the IEM creates a musical sphere around your head, with each instrument placed in its place. While it’s not as impressive as MEST or Solaris 2020 by Campfire Audio, it has its own way of creating an immersive and lifelike soundstage.

Silver plated copper wire of two twisted strands on the lower half and single for each side. It is terminated in a balanced 2.5mm plug and there is no 3.5mm adapter included; both the plug and y-split are well assembled, surrounded by TPU layers and covered by solid metal shiny pieces.

Historical Prices

Overall, both earphones are great and it really comes down to preference, but the VxV has bang for your buck. Both the Rai Penta and VxV share some similarities in materials and technical specifications.

The dynamic driver is physically a bit larger than on the VxV, while the BA setup consists of 2 dual BA units, and all arranged in the usual tube hybrid setup to the 3 bore nozzle. Acrylic shells with metallic nozzle, good build quality but behind the all-metal VxV. The Fusion may look more ergonomic in shape but in practice they are both equal in comfort and fit, and I find the VxV to have even better isolation.

Vectorspace Ai (vxv)

With that change, more and more manufacturers are pushing this segment hard, releasing some screaming edge constructions, utilizing EST drivers, Planars and many others. Because the VxV offers a different approach to this segment.

It’s only when we have market driving event risk that this will show up. This is not meant to be a super short term timing indicator with a ton of entries and exits. Since the market started its new cyclical bull market in 2009, the signal has performed exceptionally well.

Their quantity and quality also does not cause any serious criticism. They harmoniously contribute to the overall sound picture, precisely matching the play of the entire frequency range. The register is transmitted cleanly, accurately and distinctly, without harshness and distortion. This is an authentic and maximally correct manner, with good articulation, served in a light, graceful and comfortable manner.

As for the sound, they are quite different, the DK-3001 Pro being more midrange-centered with decent bass and treble. Despite the 13mm dynamic driver inside, the bass is very polite, small in impact and not too extended.

Vxv Price Live Data

Based on the previous impressions you might actually get a hint of what staging characteristics the VxV has, and you’d be totally right. Its biggest strength is imaging, provided by the great separation between instruments and fantastic layering.

I’ve been working in marketing though, also in the IEM industry and I truly believe, that this is where the interest in your brand starts – in creating a fun, attractive story around your product. Lastly, the soundstage is another area I love about the VxV.

This Obscure Indicator Is A significant Concern For The Market

Nothing fancy, nothing special, and if made to cut prices as low as possible, then there is no room to complain. 0% FEES Of leading global exchanges, Binance has the lowest trading fees for 99% of users. The VXV RB Pod Kit is an ultra portable pod system with three replaceable batteries and a charging dock for longer time vaping. The VXV RB Pod System features a slim and lightweight chassis with replaceable 380mAh battery functionality for quick-swap and ultimate portability. The VXV RB Pod Device utilizes a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism with intuitive LED light indicator for battery life.

I listened with an average sound level for 5 hours without the sensation of ripping the earphones out of my ears after I was done, which I think is a record for me. In conclusion, with magnificent body quality, design, and technologies, the VxV is an absolutely fantastic IEM. Luckily, it didn’t take much work and time to start to appreciate the VxV audio performance. A brief break-in period, the use of better tips (extra bi-flange in this case) and sticking to the included balanced cable, revealed a great sound quality with a pleasant and somehow unique presentation. As mentioned before, there are no specs about the VxV, though from real use it proves to be a very effective IEM. Do note that it was used mainly with the 2.5mm cable connected to a balanced source (both 2.5 and 4.4), and so gains a greater output driving power.

This Obscure Indicator Is A significant Concern For The Market

I call this the “just around the corner” trade where nobody thinks the market will selloff, but something is just around the corner so investors will buy longer dated options and sell near term options. If you’ve had any experience with the VIX, you know that high VIX readings can signal a “panic” and mean that the market is ready for a turn back to the upside. And most of the time, volatility picks up when stocks are selling off. That’s because the demand for liquidity is different when people are being forced to sell compared to when they are being forced to buy. And most of the time, the demand for options is when volatility picks up. During this most recent market pullback, I’ve been getting a ton of interest about an options-related indicator that I use to help my market timing. Tops on the other hand take time to develop and complacency can stay rampant much longer than you can stay rational or solvent.

Soundstage is not really wide from right to left but the imaging is more coherent. Moreover, the dynamic driver used here is unexpectedly smaller than many hybrid IEMs, being just of a 6mm diameter diaphragm versus the more common 9mm and larger ones. For the balanced armature part there is a dual BA for mids and for highs a single BA twitter and single BA super- tweeter. There is no mention of the specific BA models used on the VxV , the dynamic coating material, and actually there are limited specifications data shared about the VxV . Search “VXV” or “Vectorspace” in the input field of the market section on the left side of your screen. On the left hand side of the interface you can see all available markets with their trading pairs.

Overall, this mascot and a couple of other things create one of the absolute best story-telling in IEM market. The VxV has great detail and resolution on its high frequency and there is absolutely no roll-off, and no sibilance either.

This pair-up could be a bit too neutral and uhm…unexciting for some, but to say it sounded great in terms of technical performance, would be an understatement. It sounds good with Shanling UA1, but tended to sound a bit too dry with that combination. Remember the “Every day carry” sentence written on the packaging? This is a remarkable IEM for your everyday listening sessions. Pairs with just about everything, sounds great with every music genre and could meet everybody’s expectations.

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