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This feature is particularly useful for businesses that operate in multiple countries and need to accept payments in different currencies. With a white label payment gateway, businesses can easily convert currencies and process payments in the currency of their choice. One of the primary benefits of white label payment gateways is that businesses can customize the branding and labeling of the payment gateway to match their own brand.

white label payment processing

The 3-D Secure protocol permits the exchange of data between the merchant, card issuer, and customer for extra-reliable transaction validation. Productfy is a fast and easy developer-first platform for any company to build, test, and launch financial products. With Productfy, developers can configure in hours, integrate in days, and go from idea to full stack deployment in as little as 3 weeks. A white-label payment gateway is basically a customizable payment gateway that allows you to place your brand’s logo and image on the payment gateway page.

I. Introduction – White Label Payment Gateway

With the help of white-label payment gateways, you can instill trust in such users by showcasing your brand’s logo and clearing any doubts customers may have about paying online. Now that the customers know it’s the same merchant they are paying, they tend to feel more confident and reassured. As a merchant of record, the IXOPAY white label solution offers you the ability to expand your business quickly and efficiently. The monitoring and reporting tools allow for easy data analysis across all merchants.

  • Design a tailored transaction process for all sub-entities and manage them independently from a single access point.
  • Contactless payments offer consumers a faster, more convenient way to pay for goods and services.
  • It is a sophisticated yet easily manageable system that can collect and authenticate data for you to accept payment transactions.
  • Comparing providers is also important to determine the pricing and fees for their services.
  • The provider should have experience in handling transactions for different businesses and industries.
  • You can integrate third-party services to secure your customers’ data and maximize better accuracy.

A white-label service increases brand recognition and consistency because the customer won’t have to leave the business page to checkout or see multiple brand logos and layouts. This can make your online business appear more streamlined and reliable. In simple words, a company puts its logo on the customized solutions while the initial brand name of the producer is removed. As an entrepreneur, you definitely want to keep up with the latest trends.

C. Benefits of white label payment gateways for businesses

Customized payment form in a secure environment according to PCI DSS standards for a business to accept payments without severe risks. Multiple features to support e-commerce, m-commerce and alternative payment methods. • Guidance and support regarding the payment data routing service.

white label payment processing

The Clear service helps businesses integrate WePay into their websites and checkouts without redirecting customers. You can either build your own checkout form or customize existing templates, enabling you to have your brand colors and logo appear seamlessly throughout the payment process. When someone else is responsible for your entire payments infrastructure, you need them to be available whenever you or your customers run into an issue. To that end, make sure your white-label payment processing partner offers excellent customer support round the clock, including the ability to speak with a live person who can provide assistance in real time.

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Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. By taking the white-labeling route, ISVs can save themselves the hassle and risk of exploring uncharted territories. Instead, they can focus on what they do best while offering a diverse range of solutions to meet the changing needs of their customers. white label bank Not only does this allow them to expand their offerings, but also have greater control over the payment process. Plus, they get to create an additional revenue stream while leaving the heavy lifting to the white-label payment processor. With white-labeling, ISOs, ISVs, and acquirers get to brand and sell these services as their own.

white label payment processing

And they are more tuned to the needs of bigger businesses rather than smaller enterprises. A white-label gateway is a gateway system that allows entrepreneurs or brands to process online payments using their brand name while using third-party services. To ensure a smooth payments experience for your customers, look for a payment platform that has a strong and long-term relationship with sponsors or acquiring banks. This will ensure that payments are swift and go through successfully, more often than not. So, when choosing a white-label service provider, make sure it caters to the businesses you work with .

IV. Key Features of White Label Payment Gateways

We named it a White label payment provider, highlighting that it allows you not just to process payments but to enter the payment market as a service vendor. Corefy is a universal feature-rich payment orchestration platform for online businesses and payment institutions. We integrate payment providers and acquirers all around the world to bring a unified communication, control, and management interface. Connect multiple payment service providers and methods to minimise the effect of threats your business may face. Expand globally up to 10 times faster with a ready-to-go white label payment gateway solution.

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