how to close coinbase account: How to Close & Delete a Coinbase Account 2023

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how to close coinbase account

Reinstalling the app will allow you to login with your old credentials. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to securely delete your Coinbase account. If you’re in the US, is an increas­ingly popular choice. You can also invest through your retirement account with a Bitcoin IRA. First and foremost, Swan boasts remarkably low fees, especially for automatic recurring purchases.

how to close coinbase account

Of course, Coinbase doesn’t readily tell you how to delete your Coinbase account. To avoid this frustrating situa­tion, you must wait to make your Bitcoin withdrawal as part of the account closure process in Step 3. When you try to close your account, Coinbase won’t let you if you have a non-zero balance AND won’t allow you to withdraw the dust because it’s too small to send. Below are the three easy steps to transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase and then delete your Coinbase account for good.

If you’ve used Coinbase regularly to buying bitcoin, you might have set something that’s know as recurring orders. Before you proceed with the account closure process, make sure you cancel recurring orders. So, before closing your account, make sure you transfer all your assets to a non-custodial wallet, an external wallet, or hardware wallets. And that’s a good thing, recently a lot of people have proceeded with an account close on Coinbase and other CEXs due to’s failure. There are many issues surrounding a centralized exchange – so in some cases, it might be better to manage your funds yourself. Started in 2012, Coinbase was one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the crypto industry.

If there is any suspicious activity detected on your account, the best thing to do is to disable it, because this is temporary and can be reactivated later. It is essential to know that deleting your Coinbase account will also result in your Coinbase Pro account being deleted. The two of them come at different prices as they are distinct products. While Coinbase is mostly directed towards retail customers and wants to make the buying experience easier for people, Coinbase Pro is made for more advanced traders. The experienced ones would then help bring some volume to the exchange.

Step 5: Close your Coinbase account

However, remember that your transaction history and certain account details from your deleted account will not carry over to the new one. You will be prompted to complete these actions if you have not already withdrawn your funds or have any pending activity. Only delete the account if you are sure you don’t want to use Coinbase again and you are ready to move on to other platforms. Before someone deletes their account, they should know one important thing, respectively the difference between a Coinbase and Coinbase Pro account. While and Coinbase Pro are separate accounts, the Pro one shares a lot of your profile information and settings.

When you delete your Coinbase account, your funds are not immediately accessible. This means that you will not be able to retrieve your funds if you delete your Coinbase account, even if you create a new account with the same email address. In addition, you can transfer your crypto directly to another exchange.

When users with balances on their accounts try to delete their Coinbase accounts the exchange blocks them from doing so. Deleting your Coinbase account is a permanent step, so make sure you’re absolutely certain before doing so. Make sure you have withdrawn any funds or canceled any orders that were outstanding when you decided to delete your account. You will no longer be able to access these funds after deleting your Coinbase account. There are a few reasons why you might want to delete your Coinbase account.

It’s unusual, but if you don’t cancel recurring orders – you might be charged from your bank account linked or credit card. So, if you have any rewards or other promotional balances, redeem, or transfer them before closing your account. It is best to review and revoke any active API keys or third-party applications with access to your Coinbase account, thus ensuring the most security upon closing your account. If you’ve ever used Coinbase – you’ve probably noticed that Coinbase’s customer support is not the best in the industry. Whenever you contact Coinbase’s support team, you need to wait a long time before they get back at you. But in 2023, you have other ways of storing your wealth, especially using a non-custodial wallet, a hardware wallet or a paper wallet for certain cryptocurrencies.

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That’s the button that you need to click to delete your Coinbase account. Another security step is downloading and saving transaction records, receipts, and other relevant account information for future reference or tax purposes. Coinbase provides options to leverage your account statements, which can be helpful for record-keeping. Investing in or trading cryptoassets comes with a risk of financial loss. Finally, if you need help with anything related to Coinbase, you can always contact their customer support team or visit their help center.

For those wanting to clean up their accounts, figuring out how to delete a Coinbase account may be a hassle. Coinbase is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy and trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There have three core products, Coinbase exchange, Coinbase Advanced (their more advanced trading platform), and Coinbase Wallet. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll provide a simple, step-by-step process on how to delete a Coinbase account. We understand that navigating the world of cryptocurrency can be daunting, especially for beginners.

how to close coinbase account

Next, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and proceed to the “Manage your profile” menu. Begin by logging in to your Coinbase or Coinbase Pro account with your email address and password. This guide breaks down the most popular Bitcoin IRAs and Crypto IRAs of 2023 and shows you how to pick the best one for your goals and situation.

They may want to transfer their cryptocurrency to a different wallet, or they just don’t like Coinbase anymore – therefore, they do not want to use it for cryptocurrency storage. If you are part of this category, you must learn how to delete a Coinbase account. In the paragraphs below, we will focus on this aspect and teach you how to delete your account (both a Coinbase and Coinbase Pro account) for good.

It’s also important to point out that deleting a account will automatically delete a Coinbase Pro account as well. While the exchange is merging both platforms into a single one, understanding what will happen is important. In the following steps, we are going to show you how to close your Coinbase account permanently. Also, make sure that your account balance is zero and that you don’t have any outstanding issues and orders. Your instinct may be to convert your Bitcoin to dollars before withdrawing your money from Coinbase. But it’s worth consid­ering the reasons why Bitcoin is the best money in human history.

This regulatory uncertainty surrounding Coinbase raises concerns leading to a loss of customer trust and confidence in the platform. Customers concerned about the safety and stability of their assets on the exchange are beginning to seek Coinbase alternatives. In order to withdraw your Bitcoin from Coinbase, you must make sure you have a Bitcoin address set up. This is the only way you can get these funds back so you don’t lose them. So even if you have an issue, you don’t have to wait days to get an answer. Since you’ve deleted your Coinbase account, you can check some of the best Coinbase alternatives.

We suggest Binance, which is widely considered one of the best crypto exchanges due to its impressive feature set and a large number of supported cryptocurrencies. You will be prompted to withdraw your Bitcoin balance from Coinbase as part of the account closure process. You must provide your personal details and photographic identification to open an account.

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But it’s worth consid­ering the reasons why Bitcoin is the best money in human history. ”
This guide is focused on how to transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase, and then delete your account. With these simple steps, you can easily delete your Coinbase account on both Android and iPhone. Remember to double-check that you’ve withdrawn any remaining funds and backed up any important data before proceeding, as this action is permanent. After your balance is withdrawn and you have no Bitcoin left in your account, you can click “Close Account” and delete your account for good this time. You can delete a Coinbase account anytime you want by doing the steps about and pressing the ‘Close my account’ button.

If you need help withdrawing from Coinbase, please follow the tutorial below. Coinbase is not the only option you have for storing your Bitcoin or buying it. There have been many other businesses emerging over the years, especially as they all know that the interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has boosted too. So, other businesses brought different ways to buy Bitcoin to the table, and you can pick one that is convenient for you and meets your requirements. Confirm that you want to close your Coinbase account by clicking “Close my account”.

If you’re looking to delete Coinbase, you may be searching for an alternative to Coinbase. The cryptocurrency landscape is teeming with centralized and decentralized exchanges, offering you many platforms to trade, swap tokens, and explore new cryptocurrencies. Many new users confuse the exchange with a wallet; although the Coinbase exchange has an inbuilt wallet, it’s not a wallet.

You can delete your Coinbase account via the official website, not within the mobile app. Make sure you don’t have any remaining funds before the account deletion process. One of the best Coinbase alternatives for the US users is, which is focusing on regulations and have a straightforward process to register on their app. Other quality Coinbase alternatives are Kraken, Gemini and Bitstamp. If your interface below the ‘Close account’ part looks the same as ours, you’re free to close your Coinbase account . Otherwise, read it again as you might have some funds or some account activity that you forgot about it.

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to buy, sell, and store various cryptocurrencies. However, there may come a time when you decide to delete your Coinbase account for personal reasons or to explore other platforms. Before you bid farewell and delete your Coinbase account, it’s essential to withdraw any remaining FIAT or cryptocurrency balances.

How to Close & Delete a Coinbase Account (

As the regulatory landscape shifts, it’s wise for investors to consider safeguarding their holdings by moving them from Coinbase into secure cold storage. Additionally, converting altcoins to Bitcoin and opening an account with a Bitcoin-only company could prove to be a strategic move in light of these changes. You will then be logged out of your Coinbase account and receive an email notification that the Coinbase account has been closed. Once these steps have been completed, you can select “Close Account“.

  • Before startups, Klippsten worked for Google, McKinsey, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley, and earned an MBA from the University of Chicago.
  • The cryptocurrency landscape is teeming with centralized and decentralized exchanges, offering you many platforms to trade, swap tokens, and explore new cryptocurrencies.
  • Perhaps youwish to store your assets in hardware wallets or other decentralized storage solutions.
  • So, if you have any rewards or other promotional balances, redeem, or transfer them before closing your account.
  • If you’re in the US, is an increas­ingly popular choice.
  • Then, since you still have Bitcoin in your account, Coinbase will not allow you to close it.

This retention is a measure to prevent fraud and address potential disputes. This will allow you to withdraw your Bitcoin balance as part of the Coinbase account termination. Setting up this address can either be done by getting help from a collaborative custody provider for a certain cost or by doing it yourself from beginning to end. What is great is that in recent years, there have been a lot of amazing companies made to help people get their own private keys. In general, deleting your Coinbase account is not recommended because it is a permanent action.

Is it Possible to Close a Coinbase Account?

There have also been reports of Coinbase sharing data of users’ personal data being shared, upsetting the community and turning users away from the exchange. Before you proceed with deleting your Coinbase account, it’s a smart move to download your transaction history. This record could prove invaluable for future tax calculations or financial audits. You could sell your crypto to FIAT and withdraw to a bank account or Paypal. Alternatively, you can withdraw your crypto to an external wallet or exchange. Whether you’re looking to enhance your privacy, switch to a different platform, or are simply unsatisfied with Coinbase, we’ve got you covered.

Wait for the transaction to finish and send the funds to an external wallet as soon as it reach your account. To prevent fraud and due to legal obligations, all of the centralized exchanges will have a KYC procedure that you need to do. Coinbase usually has a checklist where you can verify if you have remaining funds or if you need to withdraw something to have a zero balance left. Above the user settings, you should see ‘Manage your profile’ which you can click to start the deletion process.

In conclusion, closing your Coinbase account requires careful consideration and taking steps to protect your funds and personal information. You can ensure a smooth transition by following the recommended actions, such as withdrawing funds, reviewing account security, and saving transaction records. Compared with the competition ( Binance or, Coinbase’s customer support team fails to deliver at this stage. Of course, it’s probably not their fault – but this issue might result in an account closure for a lot of users. Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is an entry point into the cryptocurrency space for many who may be willing to venture onto other platforms after starting off there.

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