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how to find new meme coins

While some meme coins have utility and underlying technology, many are primarily driven by community engagement and fun. Unfortunately, the vast majority of meme coins are scams, so it’s essential to know what to look out for to avoid losing your investment. In case you are new to the crypto sphere, you may not be aware of the incredible possibilities that this new asset class has to offer. As such, let’s first smash your traditional paradigms, which are most likely telling you that huge profits in a short amount of time are not possible. Consider signing up for Moralis Money’s Starter or Pro plan to leverage its features fully.

This quick turnaround can provide investors with a reliable source of passive income. You should keep in mind that investing in meme coins is extremely risky, as they typically have no fundamentals or utility to fall back on. Their price movements are almost entirely based on pure speculation and many meme coins have low liquidity, making it possible for a few whales to drastically impact the price. Always consider your financial situation before making an investment and never invest more than you can afford to lose. DexCheck is a platform that aggregates data from decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Meme coins are usually initially launched on decentralized exchanges, which means that monitoring the activity on DEXes is crucial to catching new meme coins in their early stages.

Bonus Tips That Will Help You Spot New Meme Coin Opportunities

In our undervalued cryptos section, you’ll be able to find cryptocurrencies that are potentially undervalued based on their technical indicators, primarily RSI (Relative Strength Index). With Moralis Money Pro in your corner, you will be able to spot any new altcoin that is gaining on-chain traction. Som one the token is live, it simply cannot fly below or above Moralis Money’s radar. Liquidity, Buyers, Holders, Experienced Buyers, and similar are all great options.

how to find new meme coins

Aside from selecting one of the presets from a drop-down menu, you can also click “See more” under the “New Coins with Social Activity” and “What are Experienced Traders Buying” sections. John Kiguru is an astute writer with a great love for cryptocurrency and its underlining technology. All day he is exploring new digital innovations to bring his audience the latest developments. ApeMax is available for purchase directly from for eligible buyers only.

Identifying promising meme coins early is a game-changer for investors seeking to capitalize on potential opportunities. In this article, we introduced Moralis Money, a powerful tool that assists in discovering new meme-based tokens before they gain momentum. Moreover, this guide focuses on finding new meme coins early, considering the current “meme coin season” and its potential for significant gains. While investing in meme coins can be a risky venture, identifying promising projects early gives you an edge, minimizing the risks and maximizing the rewards. The earlier you buy, the lower the entry cost, and as the coin gains popularity, the price will surge, resulting in substantial profits.

Find New Meme Coins Early with Token Explorer

To start, keep in mind the “Castle-in-the-Air Theory” popularized by economist John Maynard Keynes. This theory suggests that many investors focus on the probable price rise in the future, rather than estimating intrinsic values. In other words, when investing in meme coins, you are betting on the premise that someone will want to buy the token off you at a higher price in the future.

After all, the token performed an unbelievable 100,000x-plus rally in just 21 days. Most folks are eager to commit to a monthly or yearly Pro plan right away; however, some wish to explore the plan on their own before subscribing. If that’s something that you’d be interested in, make sure to take Moralis Money Pro crypto signals trial on a seven-day test drive.

After all, everyone instantly knows that green shields are the least risky tokens. So, the higher the security score, the lower the risk of the project behind the token being a scam. However, unlike with Token Explorer, you don’t have to do anything to run Token Shield. This feature does its thing automatically whenever you run your on-chain queries. Basically, it performs a security check for all the tokens that match your search parameters. For example, a useful Twitter account to follow is Lookonchain, an account that tracks the on-chain transactions made by “smart money” addresses.

As such, you can get an extra edge and be in the know or get an airdrop even before the token is live. And, the best way to spot those announcements is to use your Twitter account and follow the right accounts. However, as you most likely already know, there are many garbage coins created daily. As such, you only want your dynamic list to include altcoins that are already gaining some on-chain traction. Moreover, with Moralis Money, you also get to overcome the three most common altcoin trading obstacles – FOMO, scams, and lack of time. After all, each of the three core Moralis Money features is designed as a direct response to one of these main challenges.

how to find new meme coins

Learning about the moves made by the most profitable traders is one of the best ways to increase your chances of succeeding in the market. If you’re trying to analyze a meme coin that’s not on the Ethereum blockchain, there’s also plenty of other tools available on the market. For example, BSCScan is a good explorer for BNB Chain, and Solscan is a strong option if you’re looking to check activity on the Solana blockchain. The most famous meme crypto is Dogecoin (DOGE), which gained widespread attention and popularity due to its origin as a meme featuring the Shiba Inu dog. Dogecoin’s meme-inspired branding and community-driven nature have contributed to its cultural significance and loyal following. A meme coin is a type of cryptocurrency that is sometimes created as a lighthearted or humorous tribute to a particular meme or internet culture.

The ultimate guide to your first steps

This carefully crafted list showcases the most exciting meme coins that could make waves in the crypto market in 2023. The third Moralis Money’s core feature – Token Alerts – is all about saving you time. Essentially, it enables you to keep an eye on new altcoin opportunities without any additional time investment.

how to find new meme coins

You can add the addresses featured by the account on a list and track them yourself using tools like DeBank or other DeFi portfolio trackers. DEXTools is a platform that makes it easy to monitor what’s happening on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. By using the platform, you can find the most viewed trading pairs, the biggest daily gainers, and more. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can check out our new crypto page, where you can find the latest cryptocurrencies listed on CoinCodex. Please not that this section may include projects that have only been around for a few days. However, sometimes memecoin creators announce the launch of their new tokens in advance.

What to Look Out for to Avoid Scams?

And, to get the most unique results, you’ll want to use the “Add Another Filer” button and then repeat the above process. Of course, you don’t have to run your query for every filter – you can apply your combination and they click “Run Query”. So, thanks to Token Alerts, folks that do not have the luxury of going full-time crypto also get to spot the best opportunities. Whenever you find a combination of filters that you like, you have an option to save it. Then, whenever your automated query detects a new opportunity, you receive an email alert with the tokens’ details. The team at only recommends products and services that we would use ourselves and that we believe will provide value to our readers.

  • The platform can be very useful to evaluate the state of the market for a coin you’re analyzing and checking its trading volume, biggest liquidity providers and more.
  • Getting familiar with Dune Analytics is very valuable for all crypto investors, and not just those interested in meme coins.
  • However, it’s important to be able to distinguish between organic activity and inorganic activity on social media.
  • However, it’s important to conduct your own due diligence and consider your individual goals and risk tolerance before making any crypto buying decisions.

As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, Moralis Money empowers investors to stay ahead, discover potential opportunities, and make informed investment decisions. Using this approach, Moralis Money users have successfully identified early-stage meme coins, witnessing substantial portfolio growth. For every additional 2x gain, ladder out a predetermined percentage of your investment. For less risk, continue taking out your initial investment over time, or for a more daring strategy, opt for a smaller percentage for every additional 100% gain. Practically all popular memes now have a meme coin equivalent that’s looking to capitalize on the meme coin mania. Discover the latest buzz in the cryptocurrency world with our comprehensive guide on new meme coins and the best meme coins.

However, it’s important to conduct your own due diligence and consider your individual goals and risk tolerance before making any crypto buying decisions. Essentially, it enables its Pro users to spot any altcoin that is gaining or losing on-chain momentum. And, since on-chain activity precedes price action, traders utilizing Moralis Money get to position themselves timely and properly.

How to Find New Meme Coins Early – Get Going with Moralis Money Today!

So, you can use one of them or mix and match them to generate a properly refined list of opportunities. You can sift your result based on the security score manually or you can use the Security Score metric. The latter allows you to automatically filter out tokens that do not match your risk aversion. With that said, make sure to join the folks in the know and make the most of what altcoins have to offer. While it’s hard to say what the rest of the 21st century will bring, so far the world just hasn’t seen opportunities like the ones offered by the crypto sphere.

Trade UsingReal-time andOn-chain Data!

We also have a page dedicated to meme coins, where you can find the meme coins listed on CoinCodex. This is a good way of getting a quick overview of what’s happening in the meme coin markets and how the top meme coins are performing. These scores are located inside the color-coded shield icons that make things very intuitive for users.

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