how to get more blc coins: Leaf Blower Revolution Idle Game How to Earn BLC Coins Step-by-Step

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how to get more blc coins

Get your combo multiplier and max combo to about 20, then move on to The Abyss, but check on Gold Leaves every few minutes to see if you can afford a few more levels. My main advice here is persistence and/or a good setup for your Autocruncher with lots of patience. Any orbs you collect during the grind will massively reduce the amount of crunches you’ll need to do, so obviously grind your crunches in volcano, preferably with Foxo and Flocko to speed up the grind any bit we can. Once you’ve unlocked Mythical Leaves from the Celestial shop and got a good base there in Moar BLC you’ll want to crunch for The Mythical Garden. At the start of the game, not much changes yet, crunch away to get Pets (Foxo, Doggo, Squirrelo), Autobuy Priority Device, Crunchy Coins 1 and all cheap finite upgrades or good infinite upgrades to a level you’re happy with.

It has the most game changing rewards but are very hard to get. Here are some tips for when you big leaf crunch. I will be referring to big leaf crunch as BLC from now on. You can do a couple resets to get more levels of these things, but don’t spend more than 1 million on a single upgrade for any.

Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – All Leaf Types

If that is the case, for example converting 100 red flasks to 1 green one, try to rush for strange flasks. Once you have converted enough of them into strange flasks, and use them to buy C++ upgrades, nothing else for now. If you look at your converters now, they might seem way way more efficient and that is true.

We’ll need a total of about 10m BLC coins, but this will make life much easier. Equip Borbo for a bit so you can enter the Cheese Pub and gamble for the Zoo Necklace, you should have plenty of cheese from accepting any and all trades so far to get it nearly guaranteed. I’ll be writing out most phases of the game since this challenge is so unique in comparison to any other. Then, visit each place with it’s corresponding tool. Reset with Foxo equipped, and you just might have enough to get Unique Leaves, Bunnyo, and Lv1 of Greedy Uniques.

AFKing can be very powerful if used correctly, awarding you huge amounts of leaves and flasks. The combo upgrade is essential to everyone’s play through, multiplying the amount of leaves you get by a certain amount. This guide will introduce you to a quick way to make lots of BLC quickly. A guide on how to make lots of BLC quickly (fastest way) in Leaf Blower Revolution. In the strange science shop BLC ++ is better than BLC Science.

how to get more blc coins

Same spot as usual, Middle of the screen in the abyss. Racoono equipped, and the Rainbow and Glitter leafs activated. For leaf tower runs, make sure to have Autoblowo, Crabbo and Fisho equipped.

Definitely get the Crunchy coins to upgrade from BLC shop since that means you can get both Prestige coins and BLC after you do a Big Leaf Crunch. Other possible upgrades from BLC such as BLC++ or the upgrades for rewards, printers and converters are also incredibly useful. After having done a good few crunches we’ll want to get enough prestige coins to start the celestial grind proper and for most of the crunching for the rest of this run.

Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – How to Make ALB Damage Good in Late Game

To get 100k BLC coins for a reset, you need 20/50 Moar BLC upgrades from the Exotic Shop and 10 BLC++ from the Strange Shop. My suggestion here is to look for any Silicon trade to get the printers running, after some time you should be able to Unlock Benitoite Leaves, which you’ll only be getting through trades. With really good luck you can get around e9 Benitoite Leaves, which is more than we’d get, even if we unlock the area, which we’ll be skipping. Obsidian Leaves will take a good amount of afk time and proper piling, at the start you can go for about 2-3 Obsidian Marketing and some Obsidian Combo, after which you’ll want to pile and afk for a few hours. It will take a long time (about 8 hours or so), but it needs to be done. Before finally starting off killing enemies in the Celestial Plane get up the damage upgrades in the Bismuth and Cosmic shops up to a reasonable level.

If you don’t have 3 pet slots or don’t have ALBs in the tower, unequip Autoblowo, but make sure to get those two things as soon as possible. I find using the high tech drill to be the most useful for damage, however the carpenters cup and holy grail may be better if the holy leaf has been unlocked. Today I’m going to try to help people earn BLC coins. If you haven’t noticed already, it’s hard to earn a lot at once, and the best way to get them is going to be short runs then reset.

how to get more blc coins

As soon as it’s possible, use the Big Leaf Crunch Portal. You will get a single Big Leaf Crunch Coin (BLC). Use the BLC to unlock the Master of Leaves upgrade in the BLC Shop.

Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – Fastest Way to 500M BLC

First, you’ll want to commit to a crunch with at least 1 million BLC coins at your disposal. Squirrelo, the celestial blower and min 12 lvls of more celestials in the coin shop are a must have. You can also use Raccoono, and celestial seeds will be helpful as well. The above strategy could be inefficient, more information is needed in order to know if its worth resetting 10 or 15 times. Some upgrades to help speed up the 10 resets are 17 or 18 Master of Leaves upgrades from the BLC shop, 16 What The Combo from the BLC Shop, 15 Prestige+++++ from the BLC Shop and possibly BLC++.

how to get more blc coins

When you prestige for the first time, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of upgrades and may not know what to get with your coins. Here is a list of things I would recommend getting. Make sure you have the Glitter and Rainbow Leaf equipped, as well as either Racoono or Bunnyo. Farm until you max out BLC++ and Moar BLC in the Exotic shop. For the Strange Science, I would recommend upgrading C++ to about 25, Increase Converter Output to about 60, and then upgrade BLC++ to 12 and BLC Science to 3.

Once you’ve earned your batch of Benitoite Leaves from trading you’ll be unlocking Borbs, all Moar BLC you can afford and whichever miscellaneous things you’d like besides that. To do that we’ll have to buy some things with BLC coins. When it is possible again, use the BLC Portal to get another BLC coin. Use this coin on the More Converter Transistors upgrade in the BLC Shop. This will double the speed of your converters, once again speeding up your game.

Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – Guide for New Players

This cute little thing will make your BLC farming a lot more enjoyable and easier. A strategy to get 1 million BLC coins to unlock the new area. So the strategy is to reset 10 times to get 100k BLC coins each time.

  • When you have a ton of void leaves, it is time for the next stage of the game.
  • First, make sure you’ve got the ALBs Love Seeds upgrade in the Celestial Shop.
  • Once you’ve got enough BLC, 5m, you’ll want to unlock pets first.
  • Once you have done that, you can afk/close the game.

With our Prestige coins in hand we want to set up our Autobuy Priority Device to only spend about e5 of our coins per upgrade (more is possible, but not my preference). Automatic leaf blowers (or ALBs for short) are little Roomba-like robots that will rake leaves for you. Big leaf crunch is currently the last prestige layer.


This will take a long time without the proper upgrades, so try to maximize your converter input and output efficiency. Once you have done that, you can afk/close the game. Come back after a while where after you hopefully have enough to purchase the abyss area. Exotic leaves spawn there, and they have a lot of BLC upgrades. The first time you’re going through the BLC portal you might want to get more than 1 coin.

Now the strange flask converters still are not converting 1 black flask to for example 1000 strange ones, they are way more efficient and getting strange flasks is now way easier. A 300%+ BLC upgrade for just 10k strange flasks while all the others cost 500 million? But before you purchase the 300%+ BLC upgrade, try unlocking the abyss and exotic leaves.


I believe that unique leaves are extremely useful so you should get those ASAP. I reckon you will be able to find a guide on how to get each one by a quick google search. The more you earn the better, but the most important one for farming BLC coins is Ghost Leaf.

But before you can get the pets, you’ll have to start farming coins. Step through the BLC portal with a ton of coins. When you have a ton of void leaves, it is time for the next stage of the game. Before you can get to this point, make sure you have unlocked the converter and upgraded it a bit. Here are some tips that helped me with this stage of the game the most. I recommend saving up 1m BLC coins to first aquire the ability to buy pets and then buy Foxo.

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