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how to make a bep20 token

To achieve this functionality, an allowance is approved by the recipient (_to) beforehand. All calls to this function then uses the preapproved allowance to make transfers. GetOwner() returns the address of the owner of the BEP-20 token.

Before you venture off to create your own cryptocurrency, you need to pick a blockchain platform that is appropriate for your use cases. In order to view this in your MetaMask UI you will need to click on Add Token, under the “Assets” tab. This should bring you to a menu with 3 fields to fill out.

how to make a bep20 token

CeDeFi is similar to DeFi but with lower fees, allowing users to benefit from crypto lending, yield farming and crypto liquidity pools. Combining decentralized structures with centralized functions also serves to address the growing concerns around cryptocurrencies regarding regulation and compliance. The same steps are followed to add any deployed tokens on the chosen network; in our case, it was BSC Testnet. After the transaction is mined, the contract details and the logs will appear under Deployed Contracts section.

What is Binance Smart Chain?

It is the cheaper of the two methods, with prices displayed before the creator starts creating. The cost to generate a token ranges from 0 BNB to 4 BNB, excluding gas fees. In order to use this service, you have to have Metamask running in the background on your browser. The words token and coin are often used interchangeably in the world of cryptocurrency. Now that the token contract is deployed on a public network, we can interact with it via MetaMask just like we would with any other token. However, there are a few steps to take before this is possible (full GIF walkthrough below).

In fact, the BEP-20 standard is an extension of the ERC–20 standard on Ethereum. This makes it possible to build decentralized apps on the Binance Smart Chain using current Ethereum tooling. With over 4 million monthly users, PancakeSwap is one of the most successful projects on the BNB Chain.

This guide will walk you through how to create your very own BEP20 Token. Open the “Networks” Page in Metamask and click on “Add network”. Then, you need to fill in the information below according to whether you plan to issue your token on the BNB mainnet or testnet. When issuing your token on the BNB testnet, creating and transferring your token is free as fees are charged in BNB faucet coins.

  • It may take a moment for the contract to be fully deployed.
  • Using applications to create tokens is easy and saves the creator a lot of time.
  • This should bring you to a menu with 3 fields to fill out.
  • The Transfer method enables the transfer of tokens from one wallet to another.

It is like compensation for validators to secure the network. The Transfer method enables the transfer of tokens from one wallet to another. After entering the recipient’s address and amount, press the Transfer button. Metamask popup will ask for confirmation; click on Confirm to push the transaction.

BEP-20 is the token standard of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Binance Smart Chain is a programmable blockchain with support for smart contracts and EVM compatibility. This makes it a good candidate for building decentralized applications. To avoid congestion and slow speeds, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was developed to run parallel to the Binance Chain. Parallel, meaning it is not a sidechain or Layer-2 solution, but an independent system that can continue to run even if the original Binance Chain was discontinued. BEP20 is therefore the blueprint that shows how tokens can be spent, who can spend them and other rules for their overall usage.

Our Blockchain experts are well-versed and highly efficient in their approach. Get in touch with the leading Blockchain professionals and discuss your project requirements. Using Binance Smart Chain, anyone can create and launch their digital token. Creating a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain is quite a simple task. In this article, detailed information on how to create a BEP-20 token is given. Learn more about Chainlink by visiting or reading the documentation at

Then they’ll give you back the money (ETH) for the tokens (ETH BEP-20). To transfer assets from Ethereum to BNB Chain you will need to interact with the Binance Bridge. This is a contract that will take custody of your assets on the Ethereum side and, after a bit of a delay, create a version of that asset on the Binance side.

Why Experienced Programmers Fail Coding Interviews

To be able to create a token on the BNB chain, you need to add the Binance Smart Chain to your MetaMask account or the wallet of your choice. As we are creating a smart contract, we will be using the integrated Binance Smart Chain. The first step is to connect Metamask to Binance Smart Chain. Fill in all the details for your token, including ChainID, Network Name, New RPC URL, etc.

how to make a bep20 token

Before moving to deployment, it is necessary to compile the code. Make sure to choose the same compiler version in the remix, like the solidity version specified in the code. Now enter your smart chain address in BscScan Metamask from this link. A token is a Smart contract representing digital assets that can have value and can be traded. Smart contracts are applications that work as programmed without the possibility of censorship, fraud, or third-party interference.

On the remix, either you can import the file using the Gist link or create a new file named SampleBEP20Token.sol and add the token contract code given above. Before you can start building an application on BNB Chain testnet, you’ll need to set up your wallet. Binance Smart Chain(BSC) uses the ERC20 algorithm to create and execute tokens on its own network. BEP20 sets the rules that all tokens created in the BSC must follow. Using applications to create tokens is easy and saves the creator a lot of time.

Step 5: Specify your Token’s Features and Create Token

The cost of using these methods depends on the features the creator would like to add to their tokens. In essence, the prime difference between a token and a coin is its utility. Tokens can also be used to grant certain access or permissions (like voting) to users.

Otherwise, open Remix, create a new contract file, and paste in the contents of your token source code. Transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) transfers a specified amount of tokens to an address. This function basically deducts an amount (_value) from whichever address called the function. The deducted amount is then added to the address specified in the argument (_to). The token will be created once you approve this transaction fee. Also, any transaction that occurs with these tokens on-chain will require a fee paid in BNB.

Technical Architecture of the BNB network

The Binance Smart Chain ran separately from the Bianance Chain and was specifically designed to support DeFi projects. The increasing adoption of the Binance Smart Chain makes the BNB ecosystem one of the most relevant networks for smart contract issuances. The BNB network profited from a major increase in market diffusion since the number of unique BNB Smart Chain addresses more than doubled since June 2021.

how to make a bep20 token

Therefore, we can utilize the OpenZeppelin ERC-20 contract to build our token. You might think about this as a little like using tokens in an arcade. You give the arcade employee (bridge contract) your money (ETH) and in turn, they create tokens (ETH BEP-20, A BEP-20 version of ETH) to use within the arcade (BNB Chain). From there you can use the tokens (ETH BEP-20) while you are in the arcade. If you would like to leave you can give your tokens (ETH BEP-20) back to the employee (bridge contract) and they will destroy or burn the tokens (ETH BEP-20).

An example use case of this method is a smart contract transferring tokens on your behalf and/or charging fees. In this constructor, we specify the token’s details, such as name, symbol, etc. We mint (i.e., create) a specified amount of tokens and transfer them to the owner of the token. The token standard ensures basic functionality for the token, such as transferring, returning a balance, viewing token ownership, etc. BEP20 is the BNB Smart Chain equivalent to the popular ERC20 specification for tokens on the Ethereum network. The difference is the BEP20 Token isn’t run on the Ethereum Network, but the BNB Smart Chain network.

Create a new file named HuaweiDTSE Token.sol and add the code of the BEP20 token contract given above. Paste in the address of the deployed contract you copied from the previous step into the search bar and hit enter. If you’ve been following this tutorial, then you already have Remix open.

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For this tutorial, we’ll deploy the token contract using Remix. Approve(address _spender, uint256 _value) allows an account (_spender) to withdraw from another account (the caller) multiple times, up to the specified amount (_value). This method is what makes transferFrom possible because an account is able to authorize another account to make transfers on its behalf. TransferFrom(address _from, address _to, uint256 _value) transfers a specified amount of tokens from one address to another. This method differs from transfer in the sense that it allows an account to transfer tokens on behalf of another account. If you’re looking for a platform with low fees, fast transaction times, and smart contract compatibility, then look no further than Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

This fee is compensation for validators for securing the network. The Binance ecosystem offers high interoperability, fast transaction speed and low fees and is thus a great alternative to mint your own token on. Using Token Tool by Bitbond you can effortlessly create and manage your own token on the BNB Chain.

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