how to transfer an nft: Security check

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how to transfer an nft

NFTrade is a cross-chain NFT marketplace, follow the tutorial below to transfer your NFT to another wallet. At the time of writing this article, you can’t send NFTs from to OpenSea. This is because of the policies that don’t allow listed NFTs on the platform to exist anywhere else. At the time of writing this article, you cannot transfer an NFT from Phantom wallet to Metamask and vice versa. Once both wallets are connected, your NFTs will be transferred from the Phantom wallet to Solanart. The next step is to connect your Ledger to the app using a USB device.

how to transfer an nft

Here is an outline of some of the top practical methods for NFT transfer to different wallets. The common method to transfer NFT to wallet of your choice can feature slight variations in the different use cases. How can you define use cases for transferring NFT between wallets? The best answer to the question would reflect on sending NFTs from popular NFT marketplaces to the popular crypto wallets.

This wallet gives users the ability to store NFTs and transfer them. Blade Wallet is available as a Chrome extension and takes just five steps to set up. If you lose your passphrase, you won’t be able to access your wallet. NFT owners must know about the option of NFT transfer to wallet of their choice for different reasons. For example, some NFT owners may want to transfer their NFTs to another wallet for trading purposes. On the other hand, you can also seek to transfer an NFT to another crypto wallet by exchanging it in return for another asset.

How to Transfer NFT from OpenSea to Coinbase Wallet

These wallets store your private keys offline, keeping them safe from hackers. The Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X both support NFT storage and let you buy cryptocurrency using their Ledger Live application. OpenSea is the biggest and most popular NFT marketplace right now. If you want to know how to transfer NFT from OpenSea to Metamask, you can use the following steps. NFTrade is multichain, there are 6 different blockchain networks your account can interact with. Select the blockchain network on which the NFT you want to transfer lies on.

The easiest way to view your most recent transfer is by going to your wallet and viewing the Activity tab. Depending on the transaction speed you choose, the transaction will not finish immediately. It can take several minutes for a transfer to complete, so don’t panic if you don’t receive a notification of completion instantly. MetaMask can be trickier since you can only see your NFTs when using the mobile wallet. To see your MetaMask NFTs on your phone, you simply need to click the “NFT” tab.

  • Confirm the MetaMask transaction, after a moment the transaction will approve.
  • You can fund your wallet using the “buy” button in the MetaMask plugin or app.
  • This process is nearly identical when using HashPack, although you’ll click the “next” button instead of “send.”

The first and most common scenario for any NFT owner would be to send NFTs to another wallet from their wallet. Crypto wallets such as the Phantom Wallet by Solana and the popular Metamask wallet are quite popular choices for holding NFTs. Here are the simple steps which show how to transfer NFT to another wallet, regardless of the choice of marketplace or wallet. Coinbase is another cryptocurrency marketplace that supports the storage of digital assets, including NFTs.

Before continuing, double-check the address on your Ledger device to ensure it matches the address on your screen. Still, you must double-check the address to ensure you’re sending your NFT to the correct wallet. When you accidentally send NFTs to the wrong wallet, there is no way to get them back. The different answers for NFT transfer to wallet of your choice serve practical and effective solutions for moving NFTs.

How to Transfer NFT from Coinbase wallet to Metamask

HashPack and Blade wallets are excellent choices if you use the Hedera network. Hedera is a popular option due to its carbon-negative operations and predictable fees. NFTs have become a popular way for crypto-enthusiasts to buy and trade digital collectibles. Those looking to get involved with NFTs must learn how to transfer an NFT from one wallet to another.

Once you have made certain that the recipient’s wallet address is correct, you need to confirm the transaction. Here, you have to make payments, which are the gas fees required to transfer your NFT from OpenSea to the Trust wallet. Other than this, there are no other fees for using Trust Wallet.

Verify your transfer on or other blockchain explorers.

Note that all NFTs are stored under the tab known as ‘collectibles’ on Metamask. The transaction process takes, on average, between 30 – 60 minutes. Therefore, it is advisable to wait for about an hour for the database issues to be resolved. The difference in price between Slow, Average, and Fast transactions is not significant. I’ve seen the Fast option cost anywhere from $1.00 to $50.00 more than the slow. If you ask me, paying more for the Fast option is well worth it.

Pick which transaction you would like to verify and then select “View on Etherscan“. When approving the transaction, you will be asked to select your Transaction Fee/Speed. This process is nearly identical when using HashPack, although you’ll click the “next” button instead of “send.”

how to transfer an nft

You must keep up with your recovery phrase; if it’s lost, you won’t be able to access your wallet. HashPack can be installed on your Chrome browser, iOS device, or Android device. You can also use the web app version of HashPack if you don’t want to download it. The spontaneous rise in discussions regarding NFTs and their potential right now has helped in drawing attention to the technicalities.

How to Transfer NFT from Phantom to Metamask

NFTrade is the first cross-chain and blockchain-agnostic NFT platform. Using NFTrade, anyone can gain access to the entirety of their NFT, unlocking the total value of the NFT market. Select My NFTs, you will see all NFTs currently in that wallet address.

how to transfer an nft

The cost to transfer a single NFT ranges from $0.50 to more than $15.00. This fee (gas fee) is determined by the current demand on the network. The busier it is, the more it will cost to complete a transaction.

Once successful, you can confirm it by looking at the blockchain explorer. Once you have inputted the correct Solanart wallet address of the recipient, you need to pay the transaction fees. This payment is needed to transfer your NFT from Phantom wallet to Solanart. Once you have selected the NFT you want to send, the page will redirect you to a network page.

As of now, the most renowned wallets for NFT holders are Metamask and Phantom Wallet. Before you confirm an NFT transfer transaction, you must check the public wallet address of the recipient. A small mistake in the recipient wallet address can send your valuable NFT to the wrong wallet permanently, with no chance of recovery.

You will have to pay the gas fees, which must be the network’s native token. The next step is to enter the Coinbase wallet address of the receiver. The former is a self-custody wallet, while the latter stores your digital assets on your behalf. Then carefully double-check the wallet address inputted for safety reasons.

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