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how to use atomic wallet

Below are the steps you have to make to use a third-party provider for doing a crypto purchase from within the Atomic Wallet App. In this example, I’ll keep it simple and show you how to buy Bitcoin(BTC) with a credit card. The third party available in the Atomic wallet is the Simplex provider. Simplex is a fully licensed and regulated electronic institution in the EU.

how to use atomic wallet

With your mnemonic seed, private keys, and master password, you can prevent hackers from accessing your assets by being cautious and vigilant with them. Yes, it’s possible to use a credit card for crypto purchases with Atomic Wallet. Atomic Wallet uses Simplex as a third-party provider to allow crypto purchases with credit and debit cards. If you have a VISA or Mastercard you can buy it at Atomic Wallet. The evolution of cryptocurrencies has led to the development of many applications/ interfaces.

How do you see your balances in the wallet?

Everything from purchasing crypto to fees, withdrawals, accepted fiat currencies, and much more are covered below. Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial decentralized wallet launched in 2018 by Konstantin Gladych, the former co-founder and CEO of cryptocurrency platform Changelly. An atomic swap is a smart contract technology that allows the users to exchange one cryptocurrency with another without using any exchange or centralized intermediaries. To buy crypto right in Atomic Cryptocurrency Wallet you need to pass the verification process (only once).

Before making a purchase, you may compare exchange rates, verify the USD value, or take any other activities necessary to feel confident in your purchasing choice. Users may purchase cryptocurrencies inside the wallet itself in seconds with only a few clicks — it is both quick and secure. Furthermore, all cryptocurrency purchases are overseen and managed by Atomic’s partner, Simplex, an EU-licensed card processing company. To achieve this, the Atomic Wallet App is one of the best tools to manage crypto assets over several blockchain networks. Crypto wallets are the foundations of such applications.

Such applications focus on creating an environment that commits to providing more user-friendly platforms as compared to traditional transaction systems. The Atomic Wallet is a decentralized multi-currency, non-custodial wallet. It supports more than 500 tokens, including all the top blockchains. It is the first wallet that supported cross-chain technology, i.e., atomic swaps. Depending on the platform and the asset you choose, you might have even more options, such as Avalanche network, Polygon, etc.

What payment methods Can you use on Atomic Wallet?

Let’s say you want to send your BTC to another address. When choosing the amount and clicking send, you insert your password to sign your transaction. However, users can use a third-party provider to convert their cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency wallet is an application that stores private keys and public addresses and used to manage (store, send or receive) cryptocurrency.

how to use atomic wallet

Please check our guide how to buy Bitcoin with a bank card. With Atomic Wallet, you just pay a fixed fee of 5% (minimum of $10) for each purchase, and it takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to complete. Your issuing bank also calculates a processing fee, the amount of which is determined by the bank’s policies.

How do I send funds to my Atomic Wallet?

Therefore, it is always recommended to store the backup phrase offline. One can download the Atomic Wallet application from the website and Google Playstore (mobile). If you sent out your funds via wrong network, you will have to import your private keys to Metamask and then connect it to the network you need manually. Explore the power of consensus mechanisms like PoW, PoS, DPoS, PoA & PoH in enhancing security and boosting performance in decentralized networks. Click on the hash to see transaction status right in the blockchain. To send money to the other address, copy a required address and paste in Atomic.

If the difference between your projected and actual receipts is more than 2.5%, Simplex will alert you through email. Within 24 hours, you will have the option to accept or decline the transaction. It’s now possible to safely store, send, or swap tokens by using the Atomic Wallet App. This other method requires you to receive coins from another exchange or external wallet.

Additionally, once the cryptocurrency has been received, users can hold, send, or stake the digital currency to earn additional rewards. Our example is with Bitcoin (BTC), but it’s the same for any crypto. You can check the amount of crypto you will get before making a transaction (including all the fees). It is shown inside the wallet’s area for purchasing cryptocurrency.

Acquiring a new digital wallet to store your crypto assets can be daunting given the myriad options available. The real and crypto worlds have so many things in common when it comes to the best and securest place to store money. Today let’s focus on the cryptocurrency wallets and what best cryptocurrency wallet you can use. As a result, it is the users’ responsibility to keep their password and 12-word backup phrase confidential.

Remember that I used Bitcoin(BTC) as an example to buy with dollars. Of course, you can buy any cryptocurrency here that is supported by the Simplex provider. With this in mind, the Atomic wallet is one of the many wallets available to organize your assets in a truly decentralized manner. If you provide the correct 12-word backup phrase, it will prompt you for a password set. At the time of writing you can’t use PayPal to fund your Atomic Wallet.

Some people often asking this question on our Chat in Telegram or in Twitter. Atomic Wallet is an interface, a door to all your crypto assets. You manage it from Atomic but operations and funds stored on blockchain. And only you have access to them..And how do I manage money right in the blockchains? Once you see your keys and addresses, you can manage crypto. On the first screen, you see balances and the whole list of coins + tokens.

Can I deposit funds to my bank with Atomic Wallet?

You will need it, though, to send them elsewhere from your Atomic Wallet app. Don’t forget to save your mnemonic seed (which is VITALLY IMPORTANT) and don’t share it with anyone. As a decentralized, non-custodial wallet, Atomic does not store or have access to any of your private keys; your crypto is in your hands. Market rates may fluctuate between the time you were given an estimated amount and the time Simplex does the conversion.

For the purpose of this guide, we will use the macOS wallet, but the buying procedure is relatively similar no matter which device you are using to purchase crypto. It’s important to remember that all the fees will be shown inside the wallet and included in the estimated amount you will receive. The last step is to hand over the wallet address to the sender.

  • The wallet, which has its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, supports over 500 cryptocurrencies and offers a user-friendly interface to safely digital assets safely.
  • Additionally, once the cryptocurrency has been received, users can hold, send, or stake the digital currency to earn additional rewards.
  • Furthermore, all cryptocurrency purchases are overseen and managed by Atomic’s partner, Simplex, an EU-licensed card processing company.
  • Don’t forget to save your mnemonic seed (which is VITALLY IMPORTANT) and don’t share it with anyone.
  • If you want to send XRP, XLM or XMR to Atomic Cryptocurrency Wallet, check our guide about Destination Tag transfers.Once copied, move funds to it.

That’s why having mono-currency wallets is not the best option. The Atomic Wallet is a multi-crypto wallet that provides features of an atomic swap, credit card purchases, and trading options to its users. Several cryptocurrency wallets provide the ability to manage different assets in one place.

Before starting this process, I’ll assume that you have set up and downloaded the Atomic Wallet on your mobile device. This guide, explains the two methods that allow you to add funds to the Atomic Wallet App. The landing page contains the various features supported by the platform. If you select the card option, you will need to input your card information before proceeding with the order by clicking [Next] at the bottom of the screen. Based on your AWC-BNB balance at the time of purchase, Atomic will calculate the amount of cashback you will get.

In fact, Atomic Wallet is like any crypto wallet an interface, that showcases balances of crypto coins on the blockchain addresses. Meaning, if you want to fund your wallet with fiat currency then you will need a third party that will buy these for you. Users can purchase cryptocurrency in a matter of clicks, and the digital currency will be delivered to their accounts in anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes.

In most cases, such wallets encrypt your private keys on a device, whether it’s a cold USB-wallet (like Trezor) or light and at the same time secure wallet like Atomic. Atomic Wallet stores a user’s private keys on a device. It demands from you to keep your back-up phrase in a secure phrase and never send it to anybody. Simplex, an Atomic Wallet partner and a licensed financial institution, supports all cryptocurrency purchases to ensure online fraud-free payment processing solutions.

While we support some of them fully (main asset and all tokens), some are only supported partially (main asset, some/no tokens). If you are unsure of whether or not we support a certain network, the safest bet is to go with the mainnet. In case the app you’re sending your funds from still requires you to provide a tag, just put random numbers there.

Cryptocurrency Wallets: Guide

Next, you should receive them in Atomic Wallet soon enough, depending on the network. Therefore, always double-check before going to the next step. A user can easily download the software from the website by simply clicking the Download button. Read about differences between custodial and non-custodial wallets.

The Atomic Wallet address generated for you is unique, so you’ll still receive your coins without any issues. Next, you will see a large QR code, and below the account and wallet address you need to receive coins here. Now, you have to copy the wallet address to your device memory.

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