Morning Star Traders Located At Near Jakhariya Masjid, Shop No 31, Sheriff Devji Stree Null, Masjid Bunder West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Morning Star Traders Located At Near Jakhariya Masjid, Shop No 31, Sheriff Devji Stree Null, Masjid Bunder West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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The opposite of a morning star is, of course, an evening star. The evening star is a long white candle followed by a short black or white one and then a long black one that goes down at least half the length of the white candle in the first session. The evening star signals a reversal of an uptrend with the bulls giving way to the bears.

This means that you need to look at the chart and see a pattern emerging. The evening star, on the other hand, has the same structure and it is also a reversal pattern. Unlike the morning star, the evening star occurs at the top of an uptrend and it signals a potential change in the price direction.


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Your trade entry should be at the high of the doji candle. Here you should place a long higher trade on your IQ Option interface.

Morning Star

A morning star is best when it is backed up by volume and some other indicator like a support level. Otherwise it is very easy to see morning stars forming whenever a small candle pops up in a downtrend.

Moving average crossovers are good buy and sell signals. When price is flirting with moving average lines, whether above or below, pay close attention to that.

Morning Star Traders Located At Near Jakhariya Masjid, Shop No 31, Sheriff Devji Stree Null, Masjid Bunder West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

The morning star pattern comes in a minor variation. When the price action is essentially flat in the middle candlestick, it forms a doji. This is a small candlestick with no significant wicks – not unlike a + sign. The doji morning star shows the market indecision more clearly than a morning star with a thicker middle candle.

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Morning star patterns are one of the smaller of the candlesticks patterns. They do present a pretty important reversal signal but can break down. When grouped together, candlesticks form patterns.

Morning Star Traders Located At Near Jakhariya Masjid, Shop No 31, Sheriff Devji Stree Null, Masjid Bunder West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Trading The Morning Star Candlestick Pattern

It is believed that there are more than 100 patterns based on Japanese candlesticks. We divide them into various categories, such as bullish vs. bearish, reversal vs. continuation, as well as simple and more complex formations.

Morning Star Traders Located At Near Jakhariya Masjid, Shop No 31, Sheriff Devji Stree Null, Masjid Bunder West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

The third candle confirms the reversal and can mark a new uptrend. After the bears control the market for some time, the bulls will eventually start getting in to prevent prices from going down further. As both bulls and bears tussle to have control over the markets, an indecision candle forms .

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The moving average lines used on stock charts provide support and resistance. There’s no such thing as a 100% foolproof way to trade.

  • If you want, you can even bring books or other materials with you for reference.
  • Since morning stars are signals of a potential bullish reversal after a downtrend they are helpful in confirming a significant bottom especially when found near support.
  • The morning star candlestick pattern is the perfect indicator of the lowest point of the downtrend.
  • Join thousands of traders who choose a mobile-first broker for trading the markets.
  • While this is true, they do end up providing some pretty nice help.
  • The opposite of a morning star is, of course, an evening star.

The third long green candlestick provides bullish confirmation of the reversal. A stalled pattern, also known as the deliberation pattern, is a candlestick chart pattern that occurs during an uptrend and signals a bearish reversal. A star is a candlestick formation that happens when a small bodied-candle is positioned above the price range of the previous candle. Three black crows is a bearish candlestick pattern that is used to predict the reversal of a current uptrend.

All four conditions present in the morning star structure are valid here as well. Technical analysis is basically a way to gauge price movement. When coupled with candlestick patterns you have the tools needed to place winning trades. Larger bearish patterns like rising wedge patterns can have an affect on the morning star candlesticks pattern.

Look for a break and hold above third candle to complete reversal. Watch our video on how to identify and trade morning star patterns.

As always look for the big patterns as well as technical indicators for confirmation this pattern will break out. While the third candle should be a large bullish candlestick we know that chart patterns aren’t always perfect. Also, you should also learn other patterns to use them together with the morning star. The morning star is an ideal pattern to identify when a bullish reversal pattern is about to form. The only difference is that while the morning star is a bullish pattern, the evening star happens at the top of an asset.

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The 1st candle is bearish, the 2nd is a spinning top or doji, and the 3rd is a bullish candlestick. Typically, the 3rd candle forms a bullish reversal pattern. The morning star and other candlestick trading method is known as price action.

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