Best cloud certifications in 2022: From Azure to Google and beyond

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The cloud spend of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud grew at a combined 42% in Q1 of 2022 compared to Q1 of 2021. Microsoft’s cloud provider boasts an impressive host of different services and offerings – and offers a fantastic place to start any cloud-based workloads. If you’re looking for information about the exams for the MCSE , MCSD , and MCSA certifications, then it’s important that you know that ALL of these older certifications will be retired June 30, 2020. Here’s a list of Microsoft and other related certification exams. There are different certification paths to choose depending on your expertise and background. There are a few benefits Microsoft Azure certifications can offer regardless of the certification path you choose.

Pavan Rao is a programmer / Developer by Profession and Cloud Computing Professional by choice with in-depth knowledge in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform. He helps the organisation figure out what to build, ensure successful delivery, and incorporate user learning to improve the strategy and product further.

My favorite Free Microsoft Azure Cloud Courses for Beginners to Learn in 2022

Specialty certificates will test your knowledge in a specific area and, in most cases, preparation exams and study won’t be enough. Real-world experience is strongly recommended before taking exams at this level.

azure cloud engineer certification

With 29% application workload of the overall cloud market. If you are interested in making a career using Microsoft Azure technologies, I highly recommended choosing the above-mentioned certifications. The exam AZ-303 is the updated version of the former Azure Solution Architect AZ-300 exam, for testing the capabilities of candidates for managing Azure cloud resources. This new certification will be an extremely valuable cert for support engineers that want to stand out and display a more senior level skillset. This new certification is a key step for developers who are ready to prove their expertise in supporting their organization’s business goals with modern cloud apps and Azure Cosmos DB. You have the proven prowess in compute, network, storage, and security needed to masterfully design solutions that run on Azure.

Google Professional Cloud Architect

You plan, deploy, package, update, and maintain Azure Stack Hub infrastructure. Your responsibilities also include offering hybrid cloud resources and requested services and managing infrastructure as a service and platform as a service .

How many times can you retake a Microsoft exam?

General Microsoft Certification exam retake policy

You may not take a given exam more than five times within a 12-month period from the first attempt. You'll be eligible to retake the exam again 12 months from the date of your first attempt.

Candidates who want to earn this new certification should have core data concepts such as relational or non-relational data while implementing them on Microsoft Azure architecture. Database administrators and data management specialists who manage on-prem and cloud relational databases cooked up with SQL Server and Microsoft Azure Data Services. This certification proves you know the basics of developing apps and services for Azure, with the skills needed to design, build, test, and maintain cloud solutions.

Working With AWS Amazon Polly Text-to-Speech (TTS) Service

If we look at the statistics of the last few years, we will find that a lot of job opportunities for these professionals have constantly been increasing. Microsoft Azure is widely accepted and recognized as the most confident cloud provider across the world. Therefore, if you azure cloud engineer are Microsoft Azure certified, there are many opportunities for making a career here. So let’s start understanding and learning Microsoft Azure by taking information from all its corners. Earn CompTIA certifications to confirm your skills and grab employers’ attention.

AI-900 exam is suitable for candidates from technical and non-technical backgrounds. However, the following prerequisites can help you gain a better chance of qualifying the exam. Thorough knowledge of the implementation of Azure services for developing an IoT solution. In-depth experience and knowledge of SAP applications, SAP NetWeaver, S/4HANA, SAP HANA, OS Servers for SAP applications and databases, and SAP BW.

Top Google Cloud Platform certifications

The three most basic certifications (AZ-900, AI-900, and DP-900) each cost $99. On a positive note, for each one of the retired exams, Microsoft Azure has introduced transition exams that are valid for a limited period.

  • If you are just starting your career in cloud computing and Azure then this is the certification you should aim for in 2022.
  • New or aspiring developers or IT pros and non-technical people with a cloud-adjacent job could benefit from understanding what the heck the cloud actually is and isn’t.
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  • Knowledge of at least one programming language supported by Azure.

This certification is designed for candidates who implement and manage security controls, identity, and access management and are responsible for securing cloud data, apps, and networks. As a Microsoft Azure security engineer, candidates are responsible for managing and securing cloud-based solutions and may also secure hybrid cloud solutions as part of an end-to-end infrastructure.

The title of the exam is “Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads”. Let us reflect on some basic information regarding the certification exam. Microsoft Azure Fundamental exam but one should be familiar and have a basic understanding of the cloud services and the Microsoft Azure platform. No previous Azure certifications are needed to take exams at this level, but the difficulty should not be taken lightly.

What should I learn before Azure?

  • Basic knowledge of operating systems.
  • Basic knowledge of Virtualization.
  • Basic knowledge of Networking.
  • Basic knowledge of any programming language.

The ability of applicants to Design and implement various DevOps methodologies is tested here. The Azure DevOps certification comes under the category of expert-level certification. With this certification, candidates are expected to be proficient in implementing DevOps methodologies and development processes.

AZ-204 Exam: Developing Solutions For Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is a major player in the cloud market, accounting for 29% of the total application workload. I strongly advise you to pursue the above-mentioned certifications if you want to work with Microsoft Azure technology. Configuration and administration of computing, storage, networking, security, reliability, integration, development, and operations capabilities are all included in these 12 role-based certifications. Microsoft Azure cloud services are being rapidly adopted by businesses, and demand for certified Azure administrators, solution architects, developers, and security engineers is increasing.

You could also find questions that involve tasks for arranging specific components in a particular sequence. In-depth proficiency in Azure SDKs, APIs, data storage options, app authentication, and authorization, debugging, monitoring, compute and container deployment, data connections, monitoring, and performance tuning. Those with active certification expiring within six months-can renew their certification -at no cost- by passing a renewal online un-proctored exam on Microsoft Learn. For more information, please check out the Renew Your Microsoft Certification. It provides a browser-based test management solution along with crucial capabilities in user acceptance testing, exploratory testing, and planned manual testing. As this is a professional level exam, it is bit hard and challenging compared to other regular Azure exams.

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