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Forex broker Powertrend is an up-and-coming financial services provider that expanded out of Russia. According to the PrTrend official site, this broker was first launched in 2013 with the aim to offer forex trading solutions while providing convenient and excellent trading experience to its global client base.

Power Trend Background and Regulation

Power Trend offers numerous forex tools and research materials that its clients can fully utilize to maximize their trading experience. As well as answering to the trading needs of its clients, forex broker PrTrend uses a vast scope of technical tools and analytics to provide the adequate support to its novice traders. Moreover, a trader’s lack of prior knowledge or training is not a hindrance to building a trading career since Power Trend offers the right support to help these clients reach an advanced level of trading.

This broker strictly abides by the rules and regulatory standards implemented by the Russian Federation under the securities market law in the country. This license also gives Power Trend the right to offer its services within the Eurozone as are the laws in the region. Still, this means that as an international forex broker servicing clients across the world, traders will be adhering to the regulations of the country that Power Trend is based in. Furthermore, forex broker Power Trend is currently registered and based in the Republic of Marshall Islands as stated in the PrTrend website.

This broker’s regulatory status further states that its operations are overseen by the International Financial Markets Relations Regulations Center, a regulatory body that operates independently as a watcher of forex and cryptocurrency brokers. Power Trend takes a careful assessment of the security needs of its clients, as well as to the industry standards for security in the markets. With that said, Power Trend states all necessary risk warnings against foreign exchange trading and other markets. This broker advises potential traders to read up on the financial markets before requesting Power Trend logins. The PrTrend website also states that traders must only use their ‘risk money’ in trading with any broker to prevent massive losses that are too much of what they can handle.

Power Trend Services Overview

Forex broker Power Trend offers a decent range of services, including technical tools and analytics to its clients. Its research and education center is filled with numerous blogs, how-to lists, and videos detailing different facets about trading. Two of its most prominent materials are technical tools and its very own education center:

Technical Tools

According to the Power Trend official site, this broker offers a comprehensive spread table that shows all the pip levels for various assets, which are also dependent on the trading account chosen. The table also shows margin requirements, lot sizes, and transaction volumes to keep traders fully informed before they begin trading. Other than those, Power Trend also offers up to three trading calculators that are used to calculate pips and margin requirements. Traders are also given access to Autochartist, which is a collection of the most advanced and sophisticated tools on the market.

Education Center

Forex broker Power Trend has an education center that is filled with research materials like blogs, glossaries, and webinars. This particular offering of Power Trend focuses on keeping its clients informed and empowered to be able to execute trading decisions on their own. Through the education center, traders can access and learn different forex strategies, using technical indicators, and read cryptocurrency trading guides. Aside from those, there is also an Economic Calendar, daily international news, and quarterly reportings of the best-performing stocks in the world. Existing clients of this broker have commended the education center as stated on many Power Trend reviews.

Power Trend Platforms

Forex broker PrTrend has two platforms to offer: MetaTrader4 and xCritical. Both platforms are equally competitive and sophisticated, with a few differences:


The MT4 is a highly popular and advanced platform commonly used by traders worldwide. It is known for its user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows even beginning traders to easily navigate the platform. It’s also equipped with hundreds of tools and indicators, speedy execution, and a customization feature. This platform allows each individual trader to customize some areas of the platform to their own preference to better their trading experience.

xCritical Platform

This second platform is widely known for having a sophisticated, cutting-edge technology. It is most popular within expert traders since the platform is more recommended for advanced, high-volume trading. xCritical offers a high-level of usability as the MT4, but it is not recommended for beginning traders. Its complex interface may confuse the novice trader, which is why it is not recommended as a beginner platform.

Power Trend Accounts

Before traders can access the offerings provided by this broker, they first need to complete the prerequisites to getting Power Trend logins. Moreover, each account is unique in the advantages that it offers, which makes it important for clients to choose something that adheres to their trading activities.

  • Mini: This first account requires a deposit of $500, and as a basic account, offers a minimum transaction volume of 0.1 lot. Some of the benefits of using this account are: access to MT4 and trading assistance from an analyst.
  • Standard: This trading account needs at least $5,000 before the client can sign in. It offers the same lot size as the Mini account, but generates more benefits such as indexes trading and Autochartist.
  • Gold: To access the benefits of this account, the trader will have to deposit at least $10,000, alongside a trading volume of 0.5 lots minimum. The benefits to this account are a VIP manager, forex signals, and other promotions.
  • Platinum: This top-tier account starts at a minimum deposit of $35,000. Its expensiveness offers numerous perks and advantages to traders, including a one-on-one trading and stock market reports.

Client Testimonials

I barely have the time to watch all my trades as I work full-time as a professor. With PowerTrend, I need not be ever-present as I know my investments are being administered well through its platforms. All I do is launch a trade and then go. Thanks PowerTrend!

– Michael Stone, Casual Trader

I am entirely grateful for PowerTrend for being able to open me to multiple asset markets. Through its plaforms, I am allowed to build stronger investment portfolio. I completely recommend PowerTrend!

– Alejandro del Castillo, Beginner Trader

Power Trend Reviews

There are numerous PrTrend reviews on the market that offer insight into what trading with Power Trend is like. For many clients, it is both exciting and educational, while for others it is a less-thrilling experience. 

Some client feedback claims that Power Trend scams its clients or that they can prove instances of Power Trend cheating through different ways. While both good and negative reviews are important to weigh the safety of a broker, it is also important to be wary of online reviews. Some may provide a biased opinion of a broker or worse, a less-informed opinion about how the market works. Power Trend has made it a point to provide a high-level of security to its clients, which it continues to do in its current services. 

Furthermore, trading can be very risky especially for the less-experienced investor. Forex broker Power Trend also warns traders not to invest money they cannot afford to lose. It is well-known that markets can be very volatile and that could lead to massive losses.

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