how to use nft as profile picture: How to Add an NFT as Your Profile Picture on Twitter

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how to use nft as profile picture

The future of NFT PFPs is poised for remarkable innovation and growth, with several trends shaping their trajectory. Ownership of specific NFT profile pictures could unlock special features, exclusive content or access to restricted areas within these platforms. After selecting a platform, users need to create an account and connect their crypto wallet to the platform.

how to use nft as profile picture

The Cult of Money does not include all companies or offers available in the marketplace. And our partners can never pay us to guarantee favorable reviews (or even pay for a review of their product to begin with). The profile picture will also be shown in any search results for the specific Non-Fungible Token. For example, the profile picture of a CryptoKitty can be used as the profile picture for CryptoKitty Token. They are not cryptocurrencies, but the next generation of crypto-assets that can be owned and transacted on a blockchain platform, meaning they have a fixed supply, verifiable scarcity and transparent history.

NFT Profile Pictures for Social Media Platforms

So, unsurprisingly, NFT advocates and collectors are eager to use NFTs as profile pictures on various social media platforms. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons that people are using NFTs as profile pics, as well as how you can show off your own NFTs. Moreover, the functionality of NFT profile pictures may extend beyond visual representation.

how to use nft as profile picture

Moreover, NFT profile pictures enable personal expression and showcase unique identities. Unlike traditional profile pictures, NFT profile pictures can be customized and tailored to reflect personal aesthetics, interests or affiliations. This level of personalization allows individuals to visually communicate their individuality in the digital environment and express their creativity. NFT profile pictures have become a means for self-expression and a way to curate one’s online identity. Mainly, NFT PFPs are nonfungible tokens, digital assets created on blockchain networks, leveraging the technology’s capabilities to certify their authenticity, scarcity and ownership.

Future of NFT Profile Pictures

Once you make your choice, Twitter uses that NFT as your profile pic and places the hexagon around it, letting visitors to your Twitter profile see that you are the verified owner of the NFT you’re using. Now that Twitter knows you own the wallet — and the NFTs inside it — you can choose one to be your profile pic. You’ll see which NFTs are supported as a profile pic and you can pick the one you want. Before you get started, realize that Twitter needs to connect to your crypto wallet containing the NFT.

For example, Visa spent more than $150,000 on a CryptoPunk — and then used it as a profile pic. If you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to be able to buy an expensive NFT, displaying it as your profile pic can be something of a flex. Get ready to ditch your outdated profile pic, investing in an NFT version is the millennial equivalent of buying real estate. According to Coindesk, in March 2021, a single piece of artwork by Beeple sold for $69 million at Christie’s auction house.

Each item represents a character’s face and has a distinct set of characteristics that lend it collectability. With social media adopting the craze of NFTs, NFT owners will now have another platform to show off their NFTs to the world. Since Mark Zuckerberg already discussed the role of NFTs in the metaverse, it would not be a surprise if you see users using verified NFTs as their profile pictures on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. The explosion of NFTs over the last year has led many companies to integrate nonfungible tokens into their ecosystem — and


is the most recent. The social media company recently announced that you now can showcase an NFT that you own as your profile picture on Twitter — as long as you have Twitter Blue. Most image files, such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, and others, can be used as profile pictures by users.

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This value proposition encourages people to own them while setting the stage for one-of-a-kind display customization. Using an NFT as a profile picture allows individuals to showcase their interests, values, and personality traits in an original way. Unlike traditional images, NFTs can feature intricate designs, animations, and hidden elements that communicate a deeper message about the user’s identity. This level of customization enables individuals to make their profiles stand out in a crowded digital space.

Some of them are considered rare or highly sought-after, leading to increased value and exclusivity. Owning such a profile picture can signal social status and convey a sense of belonging to exclusive groups or communities. The desire for exclusivity and the opportunity to stand out in a digital space has contributed to the popularity of NFT profile pictures. Furthermore, using an NFT as a profile picture offers several unique advantages that traditional images cannot provide. First, due to its cryptographic nature, an NFT’s proof of ownership makes it highly coveted and valuable.

This game allowed users to buy and sell virtual cats using ETH cryptocurrency and was one of the driving forces behind popularizing NFT use cases beyond the realm of cryptocurrency. Since then, there have been numerous applications for NFTs, including sports collectibles and now digital identity customization. Right now, Twitter is leading the charge for using NFTs as your profile pictures on social media.

Creating or Purchasing an NFT

In addition to their personal and social aspects, NFT profile pictures have attracted individuals due to their investment potential. The market for NFTs, including profile pictures, has experienced rapid growth, with some profile pictures selling for significant sums of money. While investment in NFTs carries risks, the potential for financial gains has attracted individuals who see NFT profile pictures as assets with appreciating value.

  • Unlike CryptoPunks, BAYC NFTs display a character’s head and torso (in this case, an ape).
  • Your profile picture will now be in a hexagonal shape, indicating to others that it is a verified NFT that you own.
  • The artwork should reflect their personal expression and identity, taking into consideration visual elements, aesthetics and overall concept.

This is kind of a pain, so you can save time by only importing the NFT that you want to use as your Twitter profile picture. Here’s what you need to know about the requirements and process for adding an NFT profile picture on Twitter. NFT communities are gaining immense popularity, and finding like-minded individuals on social networking platforms such as Discord and Telegram has become essential. Community members can share their knowledge, suggestions, and current trends on these platforms.

This is because verified NFT profile pictures appear as hexagons instead of the usual circle. You can make any NFT your profile picture on Twitter, but only NFTs that you own can appear as hexagons. There are a few things you will need to go through to get your NFT profile picture on Twitter. Twitter Blue has a slightly lengthier process that confirms your ownership of the NFT and displays it accordingly. After confirming your Twitter Blue subscription, you can proceed to connect your crypto wallet to your Twitter account.

But Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit are also experimenting with similar features. While it’s possible to use your NFT as a profile pic on other platforms, Twitter is one of the most popular places to do so and also lets users verify ownership of their NFTs. For most enthusiasts, the whole point is that you have ownership of the NFT you’re using as your avatar. Once you have selected the NFT that you want to use as your profile picture, you have to crop it.

The company said NFT profile pictures will roll out to Android and the web at a later time. Once you have signed up for Twitter Blue, you must use an iPhone to access Twitter because the NFT feature is currently available only on iOS. However, according to the company, NFT profile pictures will be available for Android and the web in the future. If there is no NFT in this account, the page will switch to the default icon on its own. The user can then swipe to choose an NFT profile picture from a set of DeFi Wallet-provided default avatar pictures (not NFTs).

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